Copilot + brings a whole new meaning to using AI on your PC

Microsoft on Monday unveiled AI-powered line of laptops that will recall everything you do on your computer and even make suggestions on what to do next.The competition for AI-powered hardware and software has heated up with Microsoft integrating AI into Personal Computers. The impact of this decision will reverberate through the next few years with new and existing PC users.

“We’re entering this new era where computers not only understand us, but can actually anticipate what we want and our intent,”

- Satya Nadella

Copilot + PCs - The next iteration of Personal Computers

Copilot PCs are connected to Large Language Models (LLMs) running on the cloud. They are also connected to Small Language Models that ensure efficient usage of resources for the simpler and day-to-day tasks on your computer.

Windows Recall is a new feature that will be a part of these Copilot + PCs. This feature allows you to recall everything you have done on your PC, akin to having a photographic memory. The PC will also organize the information - which means it will analyze the information that it recalls. The company says this feature will help you when you are looking for and intuitively by simply using the cues you remember.

Windows constantly takes screenshots of what’s on your screen. It then uses a generative AI model right on the device along with the NPU to process all that data and make it searchable, even photos.

What about Privacy concerns?

However, despite the initial privacy concerns, Microsoft has revealed that Recall leverages your systemic index. This is built and stored locally on the device. The snapshots will stay on the computer. Furthermore, you can also pause at any point from the icon on the System Tray on the Taskbar. The announcement says you are in control of your privacy.

A minimum of 256 GB storage is required with 50 GB of free space to use Recall. Third party hardware manufacturers have also unveiled plans to use Recall when Copilot + becomes available next month. Yes, you read that right, Recall will be available as early as next month.

The race for deployment of AI across user devices and software has picked up pace. While OpenAI opened users’ imaginations to the various use cases and implementation, others such as Microsoft and Google have stepped up their efforts recently. 

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