Apple has released an apology following the public’s criticism.

On May 7, Apple released an ad called "Crush" to promote its newly-launched product, the iPad Pro - the thinnest product they have ever created. However, the ad oddly outshined the very product itself.

It portrayed an unpleasant, almost dystopian concept that made the public extremely uneasy. This sparked a wave of backlash against Apple as the public deems the ad "tone deaf" and "depressing". Apple has since apologized and cancelled its plans to run the ad on TV.

What is shown in Apple's iPad Pro ad?

The one-minute long iPad Pro ad takes place in a dark, bluish setting. Many real-world items like musical instruments, an arcade machine, an old television, paint, sculpture, and many others are gathered under a hydraullic press - a powerful machine that can compress items completely flat.

The hydraullic press then began compressing all these items in slow motion, crushing and destroying them in the process. At the end of the ad, an iPad Pro appears as a result of the compression.

Take a look at the Apple iPad Pro ad below.

A vision gone wrong: Apple's ad receives brutal criticism

Following the ad's launch, many users commented how the ad was extremely dark and depressing. The dreadful slow-motion seemed like it captured the destruction of hobbies and passion. A lot of these items like musical instruments and paint are a symbol of art. Old television and arcade machines are nostalgic items. Generally, the "Crush" advert rendered like an attack to art and humanity.

The top comment under the ad reads: "I can't relate to this video at all. It lacks any respect for creative equipment and mocks the creators."

Another comment highlights how Apple should "pay homage [to the creative tools] instead of destroying."

The public generally labels the ad as "tone deaf" as it ridicules symbolic creative tools to uphold a futuristic product. It is also especially depressing in the times where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually taking over the industry.

Some people acknowledge the vision that Apple has. Combining the hydraullic press trend to portray all these tools compressed into a slab of thin screen - that probably sounds like a good idea at first. But the execution was a miss, resulting in a creepy, dystopian advert.

Hugh Grant calls the iPad Pro ad "the destruction of the human experience"

The outrage didn't only come from average users but also notable figures and content creators. Renowned English actor, Hugh Grant, responded to Apple's iPad Pro ad, saying "The destruction of the human experience. Courtesy of Silicon Valley."

Influencer Ludwig is on the other side of the fence

While the majority are against the iPad Pro ad concept, there are some others that believe it's heavily misinterpreted. One of them is the famous content creator, Ludwig.

He recently responded to a Tweet that was criticizing the Apple ad. He stated, "Isn’t it just saying “we pressed all these things together and fit them in the thinnest iPad ever”. Am I crazy, I don’t think they’re saying let’s destroy humanities' art."

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