Learn about the details of TFT Set 9.5 Horizonbound’s release on September 13, live with Patch 13.18.

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Patch 13.18 is set to deploy on September 13. With its release, Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5 Horizonbound is going live. That means new champions, synergies, items, team compositions, and cosmetics are all in store for final mid-set of TFT! Here's everything you need to know for the launch of Set 9.5:

TFT Set 9.5 Horizonbound countdown

TFT Set 9.5 Launch

Similar to other patch releases, live server ranked play will become unavailable starting at 1:30 a.m. PT on September 13 in preparation for maintenance. Servers will shut down for maintenance at 3 a.m. PT on September 13 for a few hours. When the servers are back up, Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5 Horizonbound will be available to play!

Rank reset

This is the final mid-set for Teamfight Tactics because starting in Set 10, TFT will have three sets a year without any .5 iterations. However, because Horizonbound is a mid-set, players' ranks will undergo a soft reset. Here is the rank players will start at in Set 9.5 according to where they end in Set 9.

Current Rank
Set 9.5 Starting Rank
Master and Above
Diamond I-IV
Platinum I-IV
Gold I-IV
Silver I-IV
Bronze I-IV

Official patch notes

You can check out all the official notes on the changes and updates going live tomorrow!

Old face, new ability

Gangplank will be making his return as a legendary unit in Set 9.5. He has been in many sets prior but never has he made an appearance with this ability. With melee and ranged versatility and tons of damage alongside a captivating ability, he should be an exciting addition to many of your teams!

What compositions are you most excited to try in the upcoming set?

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