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The first TFT Mid-Set Invitational (Players, Schedule & Format)

China’s TFT Open Championship circuit is hosting a Mid-Set Invitational for Teamfight Tactics, on January 15-17.

Set 10 is the first set competitive TFT was established without half-sets. In their wake, China's TFT Open Championship (TOC) is hosting the TOC7 Mid-Set Invitational, potentially first of many, from January 15-17. The tournament features players primarily from China, but also includes a few of the top competitors from around the world.

TFT Mid-Set Invitational players

Below is a list of all the qualified and invited players to the TFT TOC7 Mid-Set Invitational.

China (CN)

  • Flancy
  • Chuqi
  • FengLinRu
  • Snowy
  • LiuLi
  • 2IU
  • Yage
  • Shiquz
  • Doupi
  • Ice
  • 60second
  • LiXing
  • YFTX

Brazil (BR)

  • ego illusions

Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

  • Double61
  • PasDeBol

Japan (JP)

  • Title

Korea (KR)

  • Binteum

Latin America (LATAM)

  • Maikel
  • Relic

North America (NA)

  • Milala
  • Rereplay

Southeast Asia (SEA)

  • JazLatte
  • YBY1

Scores after Day 1

Day 1 scores of TFT Mid-Set Invitational
Day 1 scores of TFT Mid-Set Invitational

After the first day of competition, half of the top eight consist of China's best. This includes Flancy, who currently holds the most Summit Points among the Chinese players. The top 13 in Summit Points are the 13 representatives from China playing in this tournament. Close behind Flancy is Southeast Asia's Jazlatte, a consistently strong performer from Taiwan. Rounding out the top 8 is Binteum from Korea, K/DA Cup champion Milala, and Vietnam's YBY1.

The other 8 players moving on to Day 2 include:

  • Set 3 world champion - Double61 (EMEA)
  • Set 9 world champion - Title (JP)
  • Set 8 world champion - Rereplay (NA)

Three more players from China moved on and squeezing in at the bottom are both of LATAM's representatives Relic and Maikel.

TFT Mid-Set Invitational Schedule and Format

The TFT Mid-Set Invitational has a format similar to the world championship. Here is the format and schedule.

Day 1 (January 15, 1 a.m. PT)

  • 24 players play 6 games
  • Lobbies reshuffle every 2 games
  • Top 16 move on to Day 2

Day 2 (January 16, 1 a.m. PT)

  • 16 players play 6 games
  • Lobbies reshuffle every 2 games
  • Top 8 advance to Final Day

Final Day (January 17, 1 a.m. PT)

  • First player to hit 20 points and then get a first-place finish wins the first TFT Mid-Set Invitational
  • Maximum of 8 games

Prize Pool

After conversion from Chinese yuan to USD, this is the approximate prize pool.

Prizing (CNY)
Prizing (USD)

Where do I watch the TFT Mid-Set Invitational?

Who will move on to the finals of the first-ever TFT Mid-Set Invitational? Find out on the official stream and co-streams! Catch the rest of the action on these channels at 1 a.m. PT/10 a.m. CET on January 16 and 17.

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