TFT Set 8 finally sees Rammus debut cover image

TFT Set 8 finally sees Rammus debut

TFT Set 8 brings a lot of changes to the game including evergreen Augemnts.

Riot has unveiled TFT Set 8 also named Monsters attack will see the return of some of the familiar favorites such as Mech and Star Guardian. With a theme of heroes and anit-heroes, Set 8 debuts an all new unit for TFT - Bel'Veth

Aburdity ensues as an unlikely group of heroes band together against titanic awakened threats. Welcome to Spatulopolis, a city brimming with heroes, threats and their resulting wreckage - mind with debris. Coming patch 12.23 our next set brings a new set of traits more heroic than anything the convergence has seen. 

Augments - Evergreen mechanic in TFT

Every unit will have two hero augments specific to them. 

In a major change to TFT, Augments will now stick set after set even as players witness other mechanics changing over time.

In the announcement video, the developer admits they did not expect Augments to stay beyond Dragonlands. But after witnessing the popularity of Augments, they have come to the decision to make them evergreen. Augments allow for strategic diversity in matches allowing players to continue to explore their skill ceiling with each game. 

While it is extremely popular with players, Augments also allow game developers to have near-unlimited potential in terms of game design.

Hero Augments - Heroes and villains

In the next set, TFT will introduce Hero Augments. So instead of having blanket buffs throughout, Hero Augments will buff a specific unit. What does this mean? Specific units such as Alistair could end up having changes to his Pulverize. The Hero augment turns his single target spell into an AOE spell, knocking all units in the AOE. It will also give him a bunch of health. 

The hero specific augments allow the developers to target specific units and customize the experience for TFT players. 

While the good guys will get Hero augments, the bad guys will also get Hero augments. 

Even Bad guys deserve the chance of playing a hero.

Mort on the Hero augments for villainous characters.

But there is a limit to Hero augments, otherwise they would simply be too powerful to continue. 

Hero augments selections can replace any of the 3 original augment rounds, but they’re only offered once per game. Furthermore, they are only offered to all players at the same time providing different options to choose from. 

Gameplay changes

Rammus makes TFT debut

Ramus will make his debut in Set 8 and is one of the more powerful units in Threat trait. 

Threats do not benefit from fielding other Threats and they have no other traits. To compensate, these units are more powerful than other units, and you can still field any number of them. 

Anima Squad and more

The first time an Anima squad unit gets a take down during combat, they pause to strike a pose for fans, gaining a stack of Fame. 

Each point of fame gives Anima squaddies ability power and attack damgae that increases at each trait breakpoint. 

 Anima squad is perfect for players who are used to stacking big numbers.

When does TFT Set 8 go live?

TFT Set 8 will go live on December 7, as part of the TFT Patch 12.23. The patch PBE will go live on November 14, 2022.