The new TFT set has only been out for a couple weeks and there’s a lot of TFT Set 11 news to catch up on. Bring yourself up to speed here!

Need to know what has been happening in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) since the release of Set 11? Well, look no further, as we have all the news that you'll want to be up to date with, starting with the current patch notes of Patch 14.7b. Read on to learn more!

TFT Set 11 News: Current TFT Patch: 14.7b

TFT Kayle (Image via Riot Games)
TFT Kayle (Image via Riot Games)

Set 11 is currently on patch 14.7b, as the first major patch after Set 11's release promptly had a b-patch to fix urgent issues. Here are the official patch notes for patch 14.7 and 14.7b. Below is a quick rundown of the b-patch changes.


  • Bard attack speed increased from 0.75 to 0.8



  • Kayle's ability stops shortly after hitting primary target
  • Tome of Power (7 Storyweaver Blue option) damage increase reduced from 20% to 15%


  • Max mana increased from 0/60 to 10/70
  • Ability shield reduced from 280/340/400% AP to 250/300/350% AP


  • Everything Must Go! re-enabled
    • Gold Augment: "Your units buy and sell for 0 gold. Gain 1 gold."
  • Lucky Paws ability damage reduced from 300% to 250%
    • Gold Augment: "Gain a 2-star Kobuko. Your strongest Kobuko's Ability deals 300% damage. If Kobuko kills an enemy, they have a 100% chance to drop 1 gold."
  • Twin Terror I and II disabled
    • Gold Augment
      • "When you field exactly 2 copies of a champion, they both gain 350 Health and 35% Attack Speed. Anytime you 3-star, gain a 2-star copy."
    • Prismatic Augment
      • "When you field exactly 2 copies of a champion, they both gain 500 Health and 50% Attack Speed. Anytime you 3-star, gain a 2-star copy."

Twin Terror was being exclusively played in Lux reroll and outside of that composition Lux has been a rather unpopular unit outside of the augment.


Mythic Kog'Maw (Image via Riot Games)
Mythic Kog'Maw (Image via Riot Games)
  • Kog'Maw correctly increases his range every 3 casts instead of 2
  • Kayle's ability cast visual will not disappear early

TFT Set 11 News: Boxbox Bootcamp Finished

Boxbox once again hosted an elimination-style race at the start of the set featuring three different leagues filled with streamers, content creators, and professional players in and outside of Teamfight Tactics.

(Image via Boxbox's X)
(Image via Boxbox's X)

Casual League Winner: boogjemy

Boogjemy ended the competition at Emerald I, closing it out over other top 4 finalists Custa, mochiimochii, and KiraHisotori who all ended Emerald II or Emerald III.

Other notable competitors in the Casual League include AriaSaki, Triciaisabirdy, LegitKorea, Sydeon, Yoojin, Seanic, JollzTV, and more! The Casual League was filled with streamers and content creators who have either recently invested more time into Teamfight Tactics and also spend meaningful amount of time with other endeavors and games. Congratulations to Boogjemy for winning the Set 11 Boxbox Bootcamp Casual League!

Advanced League Winner: xFSN Saber

xFSN Saber at TFT Vegas Open (Image via Riot Games)
xFSN Saber at TFT Vegas Open (Image via Riot Games)

A well-known ADC player in the League of Legends community, famous for his Caitlyn, recently invested more time into Teamfight Tactics. For the Set 11 Boxbox Bootcamp, he topped his league by ending Grandmaster with 230 LP. Congratulations to xFSN Saber for winning the Set 11 Boxbox Bootcamp Advanced League!

Pro League Winner: Setsuko

Setsuko at TFT Vegas Open (Image via Riot Games)
Setsuko at TFT Vegas Open (Image via Riot Games)

After many iterations of the Boxbox Bootcamp being dominated by Robinsongz and Dishsoap, Setsuko, considered to be one of the top five North American Teamfight Tactics competitors continued his ranked ladder dominance. He finished with 1198 LP, above second place competitor from Vietnam YB0710. Congratulations to Setsuko for winning the Set 11 Boxbox Bootcamp Pro League!

Chibi Spirit Blossom Yone information on its way

Chibi Spirit Blossom Yone Finisher and Emotes (Video via Riot Games)

Along with the TFT patch 14.8 notes, more information be released regarding Chibi Spirit Blossom Yone's release. Chibi Sprit Blossom Yone will be the next Treasure Realms release in TFT Chibi cosmetic content.

TFT Set 11 News: Ascension of the Ages Tournament Results

North America just concluded its first sub-regional tournament this past weekend in the new era of competitive Teamfight Tactics. For those of you who need a refresher, the global competitive landscape has gone through a makeover, detailed here:

jdzielinski22 secured a convincing win in the three-day tournament, also topping out in points on the first two days.

1st$1,500Tactician Cup Ijdzielinski22
2nd$750Tactician Cup ILab039erinkuma
3rd$500Tactician Cup IStellar Minhee
4th$400Tactician Cup IPun
5th$250Tactician Trial IPockygom
6th$175Tactician Trial IFilup
7th$150Tactician Trial IConnerisme
8th$125Tactician Trial ILab 004 Rain (Rainplosion)

Ascension of the Ages was hosted by Aegis Esports, longtime community TFT tournament host. The competitors that were in the top 8 at the end of the large 400-player open qualified to either the Tactician Cup I or Tactician Trial I, both of which lead into the Americas Regional Finals. For more on the scores and standings of Ascension of the Ages, go here.

TFT Set 11 News: ProTFT Shuts Down

A website that did an amazing job in keeping track of tournaments and statistics of TFT professional players is unfortunately shutting down operations. All recorded statistics and records up until now will be left on the site but unfortunately the creator does not have the time to continue working on it.

A big thanks to all the information that has been made publicly available and easily accessible by ProTFT and we wish the creator all the best on their future endeavors!

That's all for now. Stay tuned to for the latest TFT news and updates.

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