TFT patch 14.3: Nerfs to Heartsteel, Executioners, and Sett cover image

TFT patch 14.3: Nerfs to Heartsteel, Executioners, and Sett

TFT patch 14.3 is set to deploy on February 7 at 6 a.m. PST with balance changes to shake up the meta before upcoming tournaments!

After multiple patches of Set 10, Teamfight Tactics has reached a point in which some outliers stand in the way of as good of a balanced state the community could ask for. TFT patch 14.3 looks to remedy these outliers in weakness or power to create an even healthier meta for the public and upcoming tournaments. Here's everything you should know about patch 14.3, going live on February 7, roughly 6 a.m. PT in North America.

TFT patch 14.3 notable systems changes

  • All players will receive the same number of items during PvE rounds
    • Reduces variance for the sake of upcoming competition
    • Removes overpowered gold starts
    • Bigger loot reward system rework coming in patch 14.5

TFT patch 14.3 trait changes

Heartsteel (Image via Riot Games)
Heartsteel (Image via Riot Games)

Emo buff

  • 6-piece AP increased from 0/0/10 to 0/0/20

Executioner nerf

  • Critical Strike chance reduced from Up to 25/100/200% to 25/80/160%

Heartsteel nerf

  • Stage 5 and 6 hearts per kill reduced from 2 to 1
  • Heart multiplier increased at 10-piece from 10x to 18x

The economy trait is currently too easy to fit in the late game and allows players to scale their board in strength that other competitors are unable to match.

Punk nerf

  • Base HP reduced at 6-piece from 450% to 420%
  • Base AD% reduced from 45 to 42

This is a revert from the previous patch as 6 Punk is proving to be too strong.

TFT patch 14.3 unit nerfs

Heartsteel Sett (Image via Riot Games)
Heartsteel Sett (Image via Riot Games)

1-cost units


  • Heal on-auto attack reduced from 20/25/35 to 20/25/30 at 3-star

3-cost units


  • Ability and Finale damage reduced from 220/330/525 to 200/300/480


  • HP reduced from 950 to 900
  • Main ability damage reduced from 275/420/680 to 250/375/600
  • Ability cone damage reduced from 130/210/340 to 120/180/290

Sett already fits into many late game compositions and is an integral part of the Heartsteel line. Because of Sett's traits and his current strength, players will often play him over Zac in their final boards. These nerfs work to change his prevalence in the late game as a 3-cost frontliner.

4-cost units


  • Spell damage reduced from 175/260/580 to 160/240/540
  • Ability power per cast increased from 30 to 40

This is meant to be a nerf after the successful rework of Karthus. However, there have been whispers that this is actually a buff by some tournament players practicing on Public Beta Environment (PBE).

TFT patch 14.3 unit buffs

Arcade Caitlyn (Image via Riot Games)
Arcade Caitlyn (Image via Riot Games)

2-cost units


  • HP per spell cast increased from 215/230/245 to 215/245/275


  • Slam damage increased from 230/345/520 to 240/360/560


  • Spell damage increased from 105/155/225 to 110/165/255

3-cost units


  • Spell damage increased from 250/375/550 to 260/390/575

4-cost units


  • Max mana reduced from 0/90 to 0/75

Twisted Fate

  • Max mana reduced from 30/120 to 30/105

5-cost units


  • Armor and Magic Resistance increased from 30 to 40
  • HP increased from 850 to 950


  • Healing from Heal Form ability increased from 5/8/100% to 6/9/100%
  • Heal Form shield duration increased from 2/2/30 to 2.5/2.5/30 seconds

TFT patch 14.3 headliner bonus changes

Empyrean Zed (Image via Riot Games)
Empyrean Zed (Image via Riot Games)


  • Bonus HP reduced from 250 to 200


  • Bonus attack speed reduced from 25% to 20%


  • Changed from shadows gain bonus 10% AS/AD to Zed gains 5% AD


  • Attack speed per attack increased from 1% to 2%

TFT patch 14.3 augment changes


Switching Gears

  • Gold per swap increased from 2g to 3g


Balanced Budget

  • Balanced Budget+ added to the game
    • At the start of the next four rounds, gain 9g.

Bigger Shot

  • Bomb damage increased from 85% to 100%


  • Bonus hearts increased from 20% to 25%


Endless Hordes (Buff)

  • HP reduction reduced from 20% to 15%

Starter Kit

  • Now also grants 4g


Twin Terror I and II

  • HP reduced from 350/500 to 300/450
  • Attack speed reduced from 35/50% to 30/45%

The rework to Twin Terror was successful in making more compositions viable with the augment. However, it is still way too strong and dominant of an augment and is being nerfed accordingly.

TFT patch 14.3 item buffs


Deathfire Grasp

  • Ability power increased from 45 to 50

Goldmancer's Staff

  • Base ability power increased from 30 to 45


Runaan's Hurricane

  • Bolt AD damage increased from 50% to 55%

Statikk Shiv

  • Damage increased from 30 to 35


Runaan's Tempest (Radiant Runaan's Hurricane)

  • Bolt AD damage increased from 100% to 110%

Statikk's Favor (Radiant Statikk Shiv)

  • Damage increased from 70 to 80

You can find the official patch notes with bug fixes for this patch here. How do you think the patch changes will shake up the meta?

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