TFT patch 14.1 preview, part 2: Heartsteel, Caitlyn, and more! cover image

TFT patch 14.1 preview, part 2: Heartsteel, Caitlyn, and more!

As we get closer to the first TFT patch of 2024, here is another preview of the changes coming in TFT patch 14.1. They will go live on Jan. 10!

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) lead designer Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer followed up his original announcement on X that the next TFT patch, 14.1, to be deployed on Jan. 10, is locked in. In the follow-up, he revealed changes to Heartsteel and a preview of the multitude of buffs and nerfs to be expected. Let's check out what is in store.

TFT Patch 14.1 Heartsteel changes


  • 5 Heartsteel multiplier reduced from 2.5x to 2.25x
  • 7 Heartsteel multiplier reduced from 6x to 5.5x

Heartsteel overhauled the economy mechanic in TFT, a much-needed change compared to the likes of Underground, Fortune, and Piltover. Instead of gaining the most value from having it at 2-1 and loss-streaking until the end of Stage 3 or start of Stage 4, Heartsteel incorporates incremental scaling and periodic cash outs. However, not only has this been too strong, it takes away from some of the excitement of economy traits. So, in patch 14.1, players will have the option to enter in "Raise the Stakes" mode instead of cashing out every four turns.

New "Raise the Stakes" option

If players select "Raise the Stakes" instead of cashing out their current Hearts rewards, here's what will happen:

  • Heartsteel box turns golden to indicate selection
  • Earn double the amount of hearts with Raise the Stakes active
  • Lose all four rounds and you will be able to cash out all your hearts or Raise the Stakes again
  • Winning a single round while in Raise the Stakes mode results in an instant loss of 50% of hearts

According to Mortdog, Raise the Stakes is not meant to be the optimal play most of the time. However, it will allow players to have more fun with the beloved economy-trait playstyle.

TFT patch 14.1 balance preview

In another post, Mortdog revealed what other balance changes players should expect in TFT patch 14.1.

Expected Buffs

  • 10 augment buffs
  • 7 trait buffs, including 8-bit
  • 20 champion buffs
  • 13 item buffs

Expected Nerfs

  • 9 augment nerfs
  • 2 trait nerfs
    • Heartsteel
    • Sentinel
  • 3 champion nerfs
    • Ahri
    • Ekko
    • Qiyana
  • 3 items nerfed
    • Blue Buff
    • Red Buff
    • True Damage emblem

Again, all of these changes will go live on January 10.

Stay tuned to for more on TFT patch 14.1 and the latest TFT news and updates.