Get ready for patch 13.16b to bring about changes to the Teamfight Tactics convergence — just in time for the Runeterra Reforged Mid-Set Finale.

Lead designer for Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer, announced a B-patch that will be deployed on the afternoon of Aug. 22. TFT patch 13.16b will bring about a few amendments to the current state of the game in time for competitive play around the world.

All about TFT patch 13.16b

After a few days of patch 13.16, two standout composition have risen to popularity. The first is 4/6 Bastion Aphelios compositions coupled with the Vladimir legend. The second is 5/7 Demacia compositions involving reroll Garen and Sona. Many of the nerfs in the B-patch will be touching upon these new compositions on top of some other necessary changes.

Vladimir tailored augment nerfs

Vladimir 2-1 augment on patch 13.16 (Image via Riot Games)
Vladimir 2-1 augment on patch 13.16 (Image via Riot Games)


  • Transfusion II (Gold) base health reduced from 80 to 40
  • Transfusion III (Prismatic) base health reduced from 100 to 50

Other augment nerfs

Know Your Enemy

  • Base damage amplification reduced from 15% to 12%

Petricite Shackles

  • Empowered damage amplification reduced from 30% to 22%

Social Distancing II (Gold)

  • AD and AP reduced from 20 to 18

Social Distancing III (Prismatic)

  • AD and AP reduced from 30 to 25

Most of the augment nerfs are intended to bring down the power levels of generally strong to overpowered augments in Transfusion, Know Your Enemy, and Social Distancing. The Transfusion nerfs are also designed to tone down the power of the Vladimir legend's late-game scaling, especially in Bastion Aphelios.

Shen artwork (Image via Riot Games)
Shen artwork (Image via Riot Games)

Champion nerfs


  • Ally Shield reduced at all star levels from 275/350/2000 to 225/275/1500

The goal of nerfs isn't to take away the complete viability of certain compositions, carries, or playstyles. As such, instead of nerfing Aphelios, the Bastion trait, or other Bastion units, the team decided to specifically tone down Shen's ability to help teams stall out fights.

Trait nerfs


  • Resistances reduced at 7 Demacia from 50 Armor/Magic Resist to 40 Armor/Magic Resist


  • Reduced the value for 8 and 9-loss cashouts
  • Slightly reduced the value for 7-loss cashout

7 Demacia is providing a bit too much value as a vertical and board strength for relatively less gold. The balance team wants Garen to be a viable unit. Due to this, they're treading lightly in how they approach bringing the Garen composition in line with the meta. Additionally, Piltover is still performing too well when reaching the 3-5 and 3-6 cashouts after starting games with Piltover at 2-1.

Trait buff


  • AD per stack increased at 4 and 6 Gunner from 12/24 to 14/26

A lot of the time when running compositions involving gunner units, only 2 gunner is activated. This change should encourage players to be more flexible in running extra gunner units.

Bug fixes

  • Two Healthy and Three's a Crowd provide the intended bonus health on away boards

Follow along below to Mortdog's original B-patch post. He will post again when the changes are live on Aug. 22 afternoon in Pacific Time.

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