Here are a few significant Teamfight Tactics systems changes that are beneficial to know.

Some of the new changes went live in the last patch of Set 8 and others released simultaneously with Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5. Regardless of the timeline, whether you're new to TFT or returning to 8.5 after a short break, some of these changes may surprise you. This is a breakdown of all the significant changes Riot has made to the Teamfight Tactics systems and user interface!

New orbs and item distribution

Riot made an overhaul to the item distribution system. On 1-2, you will always receive one of your bonus orbs. Because of this, you will always be able to buy out your 1-3 shop and make better decisions for your early game. Furthermore, to create more parity in each game, you will never be down more than two components. If you are facing this deficit in items, then it will only last for a single stage at maximum.

New Hero Augments system in Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5

Hero Augments are one of the unique mechanics of this set. For Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5, Riot looked to make some improvements to the mechanic.

Hero Augments in Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5 (Image via Riot Games)
Hero Augments in Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5 (Image via Riot Games)

0 Active Traits ⇒ 0 tailored slots

1 Active Traits ⇒ 1 tailored slot

2 Active Traits ⇒ 2 tailored slot

3+ Active Traits ⇒ 3 tailored slots

The third slot is no longer locked into being a support Augment.

Threat Augments are more likely to show up if you are running a threat.

Hero Augments on 3-2 and 4-2 can no longer show all units of the same tier. (No 2/2/2, 3/3/3, 4/4/4,

or 5/5/5)

Lowered the chance of seeing 3-cost Hero Augments on 4-2

Stage 4-2 Hero Augment odds: 65/30/5 ⇒ 40/55/5

Chance of 2-cost Augments upgrading to 3-cost on 2-1: 15% ⇒ 5%

Riot Games

Diving deeper into the tailoring system, if you have multiple active traits, then your tailored slots can overlap one of the traits. For example, if you have duelist and spellslinger synergies active on your board prior to Hero Augment selection, then your two tailored slots can both be duelist Hero Augments.

Team Planner feature

During your games, you can go to the top right of your screen and click on the champion icon to the left of the settings gear.

Team Planner (Image via Riot Games)
Team Planner (Image via Riot Games)

This will take you to the new in-game feature called the Team Planner. You will be able to see the list of champions, their cost, and their traits. Click on the champions on the left to visualize and build out your team on the right with the synergies listed at the bottom right! An extra pro tip is that if you forget to check the weather for your current game, then the forecast is shown in the Team Planner!

A bug of the past, but a feature of the present! Items will now always pop off any unit that you pick up off the carousel. Additionally, if you make a 2* unit through taking a unit on the carousel, the components will pop off rather than making the full item!

Carousel items pop off (Video via Riot Games)

New Champion Duplicators

There is a new Champion Duplicator called the Lesser Duplicator, which is blue in color. You can duplicate a Tier 3 or lower unit with this duplicator. The Champion Duplicator that allows you to duplicate any unit is now orange.

These are all of the significant updates to the systems of Teamfight Tactics. For more information on the current patch, you can check out all the detailed notes here.

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