Milala wins the TFT Vegas Open! cover image

Milala wins the TFT Vegas Open!

The first-ever global Teamfight Tactics (TFT) LAN produced its first champion, Milala, after an incredible finals between eight players that battled through the open bracket of 512 between Dec. 8 and Dec. 10.

A total of 512 competitors from around the world gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada to play for $100,000 USD and the right to call themselves the TFT Vegas Open champion. With some of the best players from every region playing on a relatively unsolved and new patch, the road to the top was a difficult journey.

Milala with his TFT Vegas Open champion's belt alongside cosplayers and Pengu (Image via Riot Games)
Milala with his TFT Vegas Open champion's belt alongside cosplayers and Pengu (Image via Riot Games)

TFT Vegas Open finalists

By the end of Day 1, two rounds of play cut 512 players down to 128. Those who moved on were the top 4 in their respective lobbies after three games in each round. On Day 2, another two rounds of play cut 128 down to eight players. The eliminations per lobby were even more brutal than Day 1 as only the top 2 finishers after four games of play each round moved on to the next.

After two days and four rounds of a lot of TFT, the eight finalists were determined:

  1. Ashemoo (NA)
  2. DSG Broccoli (NA)
  3. humbug (NA)
  4. KC Double61 (EMEA)
  5. Kevin Parker (EMEA)
  6. Milala (NA)
  7. NoelTFT (EMEA)
  8. 5454TFT (EMEA)

The Teamfight Tactics Vegas Open finals was a NA versus EMEA affair. Some considered it to be the tiebreaker between the two regions as each had 1 TFT world championship going into the finals.

TFT Vegas Open finals

To win the TFT Vegas Open finals, the finalists needed to reach 20 points to be in check, and then achieve first place in a game after reaching check.

Milala started off the TFT Vegas Open finals shaky, securing 11 points in the first three games. By then, a single player reached check. DSG Broccoli, with an incredible scoreline of 20 points by going 5th, 1st, 1st, in Games 1 through 3 of the finals, almost ended the tournament in Game 4.

Game 4: Kevin Parker denies DSG Broccoli the tournament victory

In Game 4, DSG Broccoli was the only player who could win the tournament as the sole competitor in check. Broccoli assembled a True Damage Caitlyn and Akali duo carry, while Kevin Parker fielded a Yone reroll composition with 6 Crowd Diver, aided by Gargantuan Resolve for extra Titan's Resolve stacks. The two traded rounds against each other, but in a final fight where both could knock each other out, Kevin Parker came out on top.

Meanwhile, Milala earned himself 4 points by going 5th place. At this point, he was not in check, with a point total of 15 points.

Game 5: Humbug's Last Stand halts Ashemoo's underdog arc

Kevin Parker's Yone reroll not only took us to Game 5, but it put him in a position to win the tournament. In fact, in Game 5, there wasn't just one player in check. There were four players in check — two from NA, and two from EMEA. Ashemoo, DSG Broccoli, KC Double61, and Kevin Parker all had a chance to win the tournament. However, a seemingly unlikely "hero" in Humbug, who had scored only 7 points over the first four games made his Last Stand count. Humbug's legendary-filled Last Stand composition denied Ashemoo's Cinderella story and extended the tournament to Game 6.

Milala finished just below Ashemoo and Humbug in Game 6, scoring 6 points. Milala was now at 21 points, and in check alongside five other competitors.

Milala's Annie reroll wins the TFT Vegas Open

While he had been multiple steps away from tournament victory in previous games of the finals, Milala now only needed to win Game 6 to win the TFT Vegas Open. Milala took an underperforming augment on 2-1 and committed to a recently nerfed composition, but he knew, if there was a time to play Annie reroll, it was then and there. Down to his final life, he made crucial frontline positioning adjustments while also moving his Annie out of the corner and hoped it would be enough. On the biggest of stages, in the biggest of moments, Milala's Rageblade Annie reroll aided by Learning to Spell and Raise the Tempo, carried him home to a $100,000 USD grand prize and TFT Vegas Open victory.

Prizing for TFT Vegas Open finalists

Here is how the TFT Vegas Open finalists split the remaining portion of the $300,000 USD prize pool.

Prizing (USD)
Kevin Parker
KC Double61

Official TFT Vegas Open video recap

What's next?

Missed this year's edition or can't wait to experience the magic of the TFT Vegas Open again? Michael Sherman, Global Head of TFT, LoR, and Project L Esports had an exciting announcement for the future of TFT global LANs. The TFT Open will return again in 2024 in a location outside of NA!

Exciting news for TFT competitors and enthusiasts!

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