After his victory at the Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Vegas Open, Milala took home his first North American cup victory at the K/DA Cup!

The K/DA Cup, the first competitive event for North American (NA) Teamfight Tactics (TFT), commenced over two weekends of play. 160 total tacticians from NA competed through Jan. 6-7 and Jan. 13-14 to crown the K/DA cup winner and the first four players at the Set 10 North American Regional Finals.

On the final day of the K/DA Cup, Milala completed a picture perfect finish, repeating his success from the TFT Vegas Open by winning a tiebreaker over Pockygom.

Milala wins the K/DA Cup (Video via Riot Games)

Remix Rumble is Milala's set and we're just playing it.

-Casanova, TFT caster and host
K/DA Cup winner's interview (Image via Riot Games)
K/DA Cup winner's interview (Image via Riot Games)

After the high of winning the first international LAN, the TFT Vegas Open, Milala kept his foot on the gas pedal at the K/DA Cup. Here's what he had to say about the back-to-back tournament victories.

Going into yesterday, I was actually pretty confident. I felt like all my friends (Filup, Wasianiverson, Torontotokyo) and I had a pretty good read. I've been super confident going into most of the tournaments. It's a super insane feeling that I won back-to-back. To win the first TFT LAN and to finally get an NA cup win is insane. I can't believe it.

-Milala, K/DA Cup winner

When asked what he had fun doing the tournament, Milala responded with what helped him be successful during the course of the tournament.

I guess what I had fun doing was... I didn't play too many contested lines. I was trying to pivot back and forth between Karthus and Twisted Fate in a couple of my games and landed on what was less contested. That helped me hit my upgraded board.

Milala, K/DA Cup winner

Set 10 K/DA Cup Finals

Similar to the previous set's North American tournaments, the final day featured the remaining 32 players gunning for 4 NA Regional Finals slots.

  • 7 games total, with bonus points from previous day included
  • Top 16 in total points after 5 games advance to Penultimate Lobby
  • Top 8 in total points after Penultimate Lobby advance to Final Lobby
  • Highest overall points after Final Lobby wins K/DA Cup
    • Top 4 receive invite to North American Regional Finals

Journey to the K/DA Cup final lobby

K/DA Cup final day scores after Game 5 (Image via Riot Games)
K/DA Cup final day scores after Game 5 (Image via Riot Games)

Here is what the top 16 cutoff looked like after the fifth game of the final day. Based on the point separation, Pockygom, Milala, and Setsuko were already guaranteed to make it to the final lobby. With a four-point gap between 7th and 8th at this point, it was tough for players on the outside looking in to crack into the top 8.

K/DA Cup final day scores after Game 6 (Image via Riot Games)
K/DA Cup final day scores after Game 6 (Image via Riot Games)

With a 1st-place finish in the penultimate game, Nostereleven was able to overtake Upsetmax and advance into the final lobby. The other seven finalists were in the top 8 prior to the penultimate game.

More importantly, this set the stage for a showdown between Pockygom and Milala. Kiyoon, not too far behind the two, was also poised to upset the standings. Outside of aiming to win the tournament, every player was still in the running for the coveted four North American Regional Finals slots.

Milala wins the K/DA Cup

K/DA Cup final lobby scores (Image via Riot Games)
K/DA Cup final lobby scores (Image via Riot Games)

In the final game of the tournament, Milala finished just above Pockygom, with 4th and 5th-place finishes respectively. This put them in a tie in overall points at the top of the leaderboard. Milala had multiple tiebreakers over Pockygom and was named the K/DA Cup champion. After his historic win at the TFT Vegas Open, Milala followed it up with another impressive tournament victory.

Milala will be joined by Pockygom, RippleOverdrive, and Kayndrew at the North American Regional Finals, as they secured their spots with top 4 finishes at the K/DA Cup.

Prize pool distribution


What's next in Set 10 TFT?

Heartsteel Cup

  • Dates: February 3-4, February 10-11
  • What's at stake: 4 North American Regional Finals slots, qualifier points

Set 10 North American Regional Finals

  • Dates: February 23-25
  • What's at stake: North American representative slots for Remix Rumble Championship

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