Meet your winners of the Set 10 Boxbox Bootcamp! cover image

Meet your winners of the Set 10 Boxbox Bootcamp!

The Set 10 Boxbox Bootcamp declared a winner in three divisions after almost two weeks of competition.

The Boxbox Bootcamp survival competition once again returned for Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 10. With the TFT Vegas Open starting on Dec. 8, the Set 10 Boxbox Bootcamp commenced at the launch of the new set and ended at midnight of Dec. 4. Competitors in the Casual, Advanced, and Pro Leagues raced to climb up the ranks of the ladder. In the end, one deserving player in each category claimed victory over the rest.

Without further ado, here are your winners for the Set 10 Boxbox Bootcamp competition!

Boxbox Bootcamp Pro League winner


Setsuko was by far the best player for the first few weeks of Set 10. He solved and executed on the Fast 9 meta before everyone else and gained a humongous lead on the rest of his competition. Towards the end of the bootcamp, YBY1 of Vietnam gave Setsuko a good run for his money, overtaking Setsuko for a brief period. However, on the final day, Setsuko reclaimed the #1 spot with YBY1 faltering at the finish line. Setsuko won $5,000 for placing 1st in the Pro League, with an additional $10 from Boxbox because Setsuko played an extra game even after securing the bootcamp win.

Setsuko talks about his early-set success with Frodan and Boxbox (Video via Boxbox)

For more high-level TFT and entertainment, you can catch Setsuko's streams here!

Boxbox Bootcamp Advanced League winner


World of Warcraft competitor-turned-caster Xyronic also put on quite a dominating performance in the Advanced category. Xyronic finished convincingly above the next-closest competitor in Jessukki who also made a bit of a run at the end. With a first-place finish in the Advanced League, Xyronic won $2,500 out of the $40,000 prize pool.

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Boxbox Bootcamp Casual League winner

Jamican Banana

Challenger one-trick Ivern player who has achieved Rank 1 on the League of Legends ranked ladder brought his gaming prowess over to TFT. While there was a close race at the top, Jamican Banana secured the victory in the end, narrowly finishing above fellow competitor RosaCha. By topping the Casual League, Jamican Banana won $1,000 of the $40,000 prize pool.

Tune in for Jamican Banana's streams and their League of Legends gameplay here!

Hyperpop Ziggs (Image via Riot Games)
Hyperpop Ziggs (Image via Riot Games)

If you would like the full details regarding the prize pool, check it out here. Congratulations to the winners and those who participated!

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