Here is how you can get the Diamond Hands item in Teamfight Tactics

TFT Set 9 has been out for a couple of weeks and players are still discovering new features. One of the items that are returning to the game is Diamond Hands, a very popular item that was used in Set 7 - the one with the overpowered Dragons. While Diamond Hands can not be acquired through the TFT carousel in Set 9, there is an augment that allows you to acquire this hidden item.

What is Diamond Hands in TFT Set 9

The Diamond Hands is a Tank Item that offers 300 HP + 20 Ability Power. Diamond Hands' passive is when the unit holding the item first drops below 66% health and at 33% health, they gain 1 gold and damage immunity for 2 seconds. The item was in TFT Set 7 with the Determined Investor Shimmerscale item, after the holder died a total of eight times, the item would transform into Diamond Hands - this is the same in TFT Set 9.

How do I get Diamond Hands in Teamfight Tactics?

Players will only be able to acquire the Diamond Hands item through the Hextech Augments. The Augment players will want to look out for is "All That Shimmers". This Augment offers players a choice of one Shimmerscale item. These items are useful for generating gold to upgrade your board.

The Shimmerscale item players will want to select is Determined Investor. The base stats for this item offers the holder 300 HP. After the holder dies seven times, this item returns to the player's item tray and transforms into Diamond Hands. You will also receive 1 Champion Duplicator and fifteen gold.

An example of when this item could be useful is on Void comps. Kassadin is a front-line unit that often has Tank items placed onto him. Diamond Hands could be a good hybrid item to use on the unit while generating enough gold to roll for carries like Kai'Sa.

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