Shortly after the launch of Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.20, Riot Games announced a B-patch to improve the state of the game ahead of competitive play with world championship implications.

The balance team for Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is well aware there are parts of the meta that are quite overtuned. Since tournaments around the world have big implications for Runeterra Reforged Championship qualification, TFT patch 13.20b is in the works to be deployed as soon as possible. You can expect it to go live on Oct. 12.

You can check here for updates on when TFT patch 13.20b goes live.

What's coming in TFT Patch 13.20b?

Players quickly caught on to the main outliers referred to in TFT's official social media. Multicasters took over all lobbies of TFT for a day, and hopefully one day only. Here is what is in store for TFT patch 13.20b to not only remedy the multicaster power levels but also balance other 4-cost carries and compositions boosted by augments.

Augment nerfs

  • Demonflare (Swain "Hero" Augment)
    • Damage amplification reduced from 3% to 2.5%
  • Petricite Shackles (Demacia Augment)
    • Bonus Damage reduced from 22% to 18%
  • Scoped Weapons
    • Disabled

Champion buffs

  • Azir
    • Attack speed increased from 0.75 to 0.8
  • Fiora
    • Armor and Magic Resistance increased from 40 to 45
  • Kai'sa
    • Starting mana increased from 40/120 to 60/120

Champion nerfs

Nilah artwork (Image via Riot Games)
Nilah artwork (Image via Riot Games)
  • Nilah
    • Cleave damage reduced from 65/65/100% AD to 55/55/100% AD
    • Stacking Attack Speed reduced from 20% to 18%
  • Twisted Fate
    • Explosion damage reduced from 210/315/490% AP to 185/275/435% AP

Multicaster nerf

  • 4 Multicaster: 1 additional cast at 20% reduced effectiveness increased to 25% reduced effectiveness

Item nerf

  • Absolution (Radiant Redemption, Galio Radiant Item)
    • Health reduced from 300 to 200
    • Damage reduction reduced from 15% to 10%

For anyone who played patch 13.20, the multicaster and Twisted Fate nerf will restore order to diversity in the meta. Fiora and Kai'sa buffs should aid Challengers, one of the worst performing 4-cost carry patch 13.19 lines.

Had multicasters not been so dominant, Nilah was looking to be a dominating force, so her numbers are reduced to keep her from becoming out of line. Demonflare was an egregiously strong augment, demonstrated by his overwhelming success at Noxus Cup.

Finally, Scoped Weapons have been disabled, as the strength it gives to two specific units, Nilah and Mordekaiser, is unhealthy for ladder and upcoming tournaments leading into the Runeterra Reforged Championship.

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