DSG signed a 10-man roster of competitors and co-streamers for the upcoming TFT Vegas Open on December 8-10.

Disguised Toast held a tournament at the end of Set 9.5 to determine one competitor that his organization would fully sponsor to the Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Vegas Open. Milk won this tournament and was the first TFT professional player to join the organization. Shortly after, Toast announced that he would be signing a full 8-man competing roster for the tournament. Toast and one other professional TFT player also joined the 10-man squad as co-streamers for the event. Without further ado, here is your DSG lineup for the TFT Vegas Open!

DSG's TFT lineup for the Vegas Open
DSG's TFT lineup for the Vegas Open


DSG Boxbox

  • Popular high-challenger North American (NA) TFT and variety streamer who made a name for himself on Riven in League of Legends
  • Hosts Boxbox Bootcamp at the beginning of each set, a TFT ladder tournament for streamers and professionals to compete in
  • Most notable tournament placement is a 20th at Runeterra Reforged Noxus Cup

DSG Dishsoap

  • Has gone back and forth as the first and second-best player with Setsuko in the TFT NA power rankings over the course of the past few sets
  • Tournament win and worlds appearance has eluded him but a consistent top performer in the professional scene alongside Setsuko
  • The "perfect player" in NA who everybody seems to copy their TFT homework from
  • Most notable tournament placements are 2nd place finishes in the Runeterra Reforged Mid-Set Finale and Monsters Attack Defender Cup

DSG Kiyoon

  • One of the most iconic players who made a name for himself as a Set 3 Mech one-trick
  • While he was on the receiving end of one of the most infamous "rat" plays in competitive TFT, his brand for being a "rat" comes from intentionally taking away what his fellow competitors need to succeed in their games for a competitive edge
  • Known for his greedy playstyle and sacking health to reach the highest cap and win probability
  • Most notable tournament result in his return to pro play is 11th at the Runeterra Reforged NA Mid-Set Finale

DSG Milk

  • Considered to be one of the GOATs of NA TFT alongside Setsuko and Robinsongz
  • Won the DSG Trials to be sponsored for the Vegas Open
  • Notorious for his lose-streak and extreme optimization playstyle
  • Famous for one-tricking a Kled composition to a third place at the Set 5 Reckoning World Championship

DSG Rayditz

  • Regular Challenger player on the NA ladder who usually has strong starts at the beginning of sets
  • Known for his love of Katarina reroll from back in Set 6
  • Does not have the tournament pedigree of some of the peers on this list but can look to surprise people at the TFT Vegas Open

DSG Robinsongz

  • Known for being one of the most consistent NA tournament performers of all-time
  • Famous for his top 4-oriented playstyle that nets him strong finishes in tournament play
  • Brand as a content creator is his older age within the professional and larger TFT community
  • Most notable tournament result was winning Set 5 NA Regional Finals to represent NA at the Reckoning World Championship where he placed top 12

DSG Scarra

  • Former League of Legends professional player turned variety-streamer
  • One of the founding members of OfflineTV
  • Not a TFT professional player but a long-standing content creator who has enjoyed TFT since the inception looking to upset some of the household professional names

DSG Setsuko

  • Recently ranked as the number one NA competitor across Set 9 and 9.5 on the DTIDYK Final Ranking
  • Praised for his skill ceiling and presence on ladder in TFT, consistently competing or holding rank 1 for multiple sets
  • Broke out of his "ladder warrior" curse in Set 8 and continued it in Set 9, being the most dominant tournament performer when looking at average placement, top 4 rate, win percentage in games and tournament placements
  • Most notable tournament result is a top 8 finish at the Set 8 Monster's Attack World Championship


DSG k3soju

  • Far and away the most popular NA TFT streamer and competitive player
  • Viewers and fellow competitors would agree he has become the face of TFT in NA
  • Impressive ability to be able to entertain viewers for incredibly long hours but buckle down into a tournament mode when needed, shown by his Set 7 and Set 9 tournament performances when the stakes were the highest
  • Most notable tournament result was his second-place finish at the Set 7 NA Regional Finals, leading to a top-24 Dragonlands World Championship placement

DSG Toast

  • Professional Hearthstone streamer and competitor turned Among Us and variety streamer
  • His passion for esports led him to creating an organization that fanbases truly want to support
  • Notably involved in Valorant and League of Legends, but now showing love to Teamfight Tactics

TFT Vegas Open

TFT Vegas Open banner (Image via Riot Games)
TFT Vegas Open banner (Image via Riot Games)

The TFT Vegas Open kicks off on December 8, live from the MGM Grand, with a prize pool of $300,000 USD.

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