Here’s everything to know about Day 3 of the Mecha Cup, which will kick off on April 22.

After a fierce battle on the ladder that came down to the wire, the competition for Mecha Cup is set. A total of 32 players auto-qualified to Day 3 of the Mecha Cup on April 22. The remaining 128 players will compete this Saturday, April 15.

The competition before the tournament

Four players auto-qualified to Day 3 of the Mecha Cup through the Mid-Set Finale – Setsuko, DQA, Kyivix, and Garchompro. However, this past weekend, many players grinded to earn the remaining 28 auto-qualifications to the top 64 of the upcoming Mecha Cup.

At 12:01 a.m. PT on April 10, a snapshot determined who filled these spots. The highest-ranked players on the North American ladder not named Setsuko, DQA, Kyivix, and Garchompro rounded out the auto-qualifications.

Many competitors played for hours on end and streamed their games leading up to the snapshot deadline. This prompted Teamfight Tactics caster and competitor Frodan to host a watch party. Frodan displayed multiple perspectives at the same time, of players vying for a Day 3 spot, showcasing the pre-tournament competition.

Longtime community member Kayna highlighted just how fierce the competition before the competition was as well. Cloud9's k3soju, after all the hours of play, ended as the eighteenth seed with 1,059 League Points (LP). Only 11 LP separated the final ranked slot acquired by Spethom (1,019 LP) from Robivankenob (1,008 LP), who placed four spots below. At the end of it all, 32 players auto-qualified to Day 3 of the Mecha Cup.

Those who placed fifth to eighth at the Mid-Set Finale received auto-qualification to Day 3 of the Mecha Cup. However, players who are already qualified to the North American Regional Finals cannot acquire this bye. Therefore, Dishsoap, who has his Regional Finals spot secured, did not receive auto-qualification for the Mecha Cup. Prose and Buzzyboo are not participating in Mecha Cup so the three auto-qualifications went to the next three highest-scoring participants of the Mid-Set Finale.

Mecha Cup competition

In order of seeding, here is the full list of who auto-qualified to Day 3 of the Mecha Cup:

1. guubums
2. Liquid Robin
3. dpei
4. Dishsoap
5. setsuko**
6. Ramblinnn
7. rereplay
8. wasianiverson
9. BC Socks
10. snap
11. keans
12. RippleOverdrive
13. Dace
14. tleyds
15. Aesah
16. Pitzy
17. SullyTFT
18. c9 k3soju
20. Rainplosion
21. milala
22. Broccoli
23. OPS Appies
24. prestivent
25. Liquid Kurumx
26. annooyin
27. Kyivix**
28. JukeYou
29. KevChen
30. Im Spethom
31. DQA**
32. Garchompro**
**Auto-qualified through the Mid-Set Finale

Seeding was determined by LP at the time of the snapshot. The remaining 128 players who qualified via North American ladder can be found here. They will fight for 32 spots to join the auto-qualified players in the top 64 on April 22.

TFT Monsters Attack! Path to Regional Finals (Image via Riot Games)
TFT Monsters Attack! Path to Regional Finals (Image via Riot Games)

What's at stake

The top four players at the Mecha Cup will receive automatic qualification to the Monsters Attack! NA Regional Finals. A prize pool of $12,500 USD will be on the line.

Details about the format and prize pool split can be found here.

The competition will start on April 15. The broadcast of the top 64 will then kick off April 22 at 1 p.m. PT here. You won't want to miss it!

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