Teamfight Tactics and variety streamer Boxbox partnered with Riot Games for a $20,000 prize pool competition at the start of the new Teamfight Tactics set.

Today marks the release of Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5. Along with its release, the Boxbox Bootcamp has begun. With a larger prize pool and updated format, here's everything you need to know about it.

Boxbox Bootcamp competition

Boxbox has selected over 60 streamers to compete in his Boxbox Bootcamp. These streamers have been split into two groups: Pro League and Casual League. According to Boxbox, Pro League consists of streamers known for their skill in TFT. In contrast, the Casual League consists of streamers who play TFT for fun.

Previous editions of Boxbox Bootcamp rewarded participants for reaching certain goals. However, in this edition, the streamers are fighting for survival. Competitors play the ranked North American ladder over the course of two weeks as well. Boxbox Bootcamp eliminates the lowest-ranked competitors at the end of each day, and only one winner gets to stand in both groups.

Competitors are required to stream at least half of their games and be rewarded in gifted subscriptions. You can find more details on the rules here.

Boxbox Bootcamp participants

Streamers from all over the globe applied to the revamped survivor-style competition. The Pro League features streamers and established professionals from North America (NA), Europe, (EU), Korea (KR), and Southeast Asia (SEA). They are battling it out on the NA server to see who can end the highest rank after two weeks. The Casual League is made up of mostly non-TFT streamers who don't play the game at a serious level, but still wanted to compete in Teamfight Tactics.

Here are the Pro League participants:

Pro League participants (Image via Boxbox on Twitter)
Pro League participants (Image via Boxbox on Twitter)

Below are the Casual League players:

Casual League participants (Image via Boxbox on Twitter)
Casual League participants (Image via Boxbox on Twitter)

The graphics have some typos, so make sure to check out the website for links to competitors' socials and streams!

Boxbox Bootcamp elimination

For the first four days, everyone is safe from elimination. Beginning on the fifth day, competitors at the bottom of the leaderboard will be eliminated from the competition. Below is a breakdown of the number of eliminations that will occur per day.

Elimination format (Image via Boxbox)
Elimination format (Image via Boxbox)

Prize pool

This is the breakdown of the $20,000 prize pool. Per league, this is what the streamers will receive for surviving the competition!

  • First Place: 500 Gifted Subscriptions
  • Second Place: 250 Gifted Subscriptions
  • Third/Fourth Place: 200 Gifted Subscriptions
  • Fifth/Sixth Place: 150 Gifted Subscriptions
  • Seventh/Eighth Place: 100 Gifted Subscriptions
  • Ninth to Twelfth Place: 50 Gifted Subscriptions
  • Thirteenth to Eighteenth Place: 25 Gifted Subscriptions

That's all for now. Stick around on for more news and updates!

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