A preview of TFT patch 14.1 deploying January 10! cover image

A preview of TFT patch 14.1 deploying January 10!

The first TFT patch of 2024 is drawing near. Here is a preview of the system changes for TFT patch 14.1 that will be deployed on Jan. 10!

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) lead designer Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer announced on X that the next TFT patch, 14.1, to be deployed on Jan. 10, is locked in. His patch rundown and the full patch notes won't be available until closer to the deploy date. However, he did explain some huge system changes that will arrive with the upcoming patch.

TFT patch 14.1 system changes

1. Combat ties

Players have noticed something in the event of a tie between two players with no units on their boards. The player who traveled to their opponent's board would be awarded the win and break their loss streak. Other situations of ties randomly designated a winner and loser. This is because TFT didn't design around combat ties. However, starting in patch 14.1, a system for combat ties that players can expect to be upheld consistently will be in place.

A combat tie of any fashion will result in both players taking damage equal to a combat loss. Both players' streaks are reset to 0.

2. Early game streaking

There is currently too much value in streaking all of Stage 2, whether it be winning or losing. The difference between streaking and trading wins and losses is being adjusted so that Stage 2 isn't so rewarding or punishing for players.

The adjustment is as follows:

Current Patch Streak
Next Patch 14.1 Streak
Bonus Gold
2-3 Wins/Losses
3-4 Wins/Losses
+1 gold
4 Wins/Losses
5 Wins/Losses
+2 gold
5 Wins/Losses
6 Wins/Losses
+3 gold

It will now require a bigger string of wins or losses to grant an early game economy snowball.

3. Headliner rules

The rule to avoid seeing too many 3-star four and five costs too often is being changed. Instead of worrying about half of the pool being gone, the new rule that you need to know is this:

  • The headliner of X unit will not appear if you have more than four copies if it's a four-cost.
  • The headliner of X unit will not appear if you have more than three copies if it's a five-cost.
True Damage Akali (Image via Riot Games)
True Damage Akali (Image via Riot Games)

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