A sigh of relief from Ken fans who now know that the Street Fighter protagonist hasn’t fallen on hard times.

It’s been three months since leaks gave us our first looks at Ken Masters in Street Fighter 6, and now we finally have answers about his disheveled appearance. Retract the memes, stop the slander! Ken is not divorced, she did not take the kids, and his apes are not gone.

An official story for Ken appeared as part of the reveals of the Tokyo Game Show. Ken was reportedly accused of orchestrating a criminal plot. These accusations forced him to abandon his family and business and go into hiding.

That explains the look, and why Ken was, frankly, unrecognizable. He’s hiding out, on the run. And judging from some of the many stages showing off Ken’s crazy wealth, from businesses named after him, to his own super yacht chilling in Metro City harbor, its hard to hide when you’re Ken Masters.

Ken Masters in Street Fighter 6

(Image via Capcom)
(Image via Capcom)

We’d previously speculated that the Street Fighter 6 story mode would reveal why exactly Ken looked the way he did. But we got the answers we needed even before release. The leaks of Ken’s return came alongside fellow Street Fighter stalwarts. Blanka, Ehonda, and Dhalsim were revealed as part of the most recent trailer.

Overall, we have had a wealth of details dropped for Street Fighter 6 today (September 15th), from details about World Tour, Fighting Ground, and the Battle Hub, to the announcement of the Closed Beta Test. Ken’s return and an explanation on his appearance is a welcome bit of news to come with all these great reveals.