It’s no cracked beta, but we’ll take it. A Street Fighter 6 demo is out now for PlayStation players, with Xbox and PC fans getting a taste next week.

The day we've all waited for is here--Unless you're a pro player that's been playing a cracked version of Street Fighter 6 since last October. Yes, folks: The Street Fighter 6 demo is out, as announced on today's Lil Wayne-hosted livestream. However, there's one console-specific caveat. Read on, gentle viewer.

How can I get the Street Fighter 6 demo?

The Street Fighter 6 demo is available now for PS4 and PS5--sorry PC folks. Yes, that will be a big bummer for Xbox and PC gamers, but have no fear because the full beta will be out for one and all on April 26. As for what you can do in this demo, it appears you are limited. A two-player training with Luke and Ryu, as well as a quick look at World Tour and Proving Ground.

I mean, it's better than nothing. After all, we still have another two months of waiting to go.

Year one to come

Also announced during this presentation was the first season pass of Street Fighter 6, with has nothing to do with the demo but is exciting nonetheless! The lineup includes new fighter A.K.I., and the returning Rashid, Ed, and Akuma. Important to note here that it appears Akuma has gone even further towards his demonic, Shin Akuma roots.

And just in case you've forgotten what Street Fighter 6 is I've got some handy PR copy ready for you.

Here comes Capcom’s newest challenger! Street Fighter™ 6 launches worldwide in 2023 and represents the next evolution of the Street Fighter™ series which has sold more than 47 million units since its debut 35 years ago. Powered by Capcom’s proprietary RE ENGINE, Street Fighter 6 spans three distinct game modes, including Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub. The experience also includes innovative new gameplay features, plus enhanced visuals for every aspect of the game. With more ways than ever to play, Street Fighter 6 has something for everyone – new and old fans alike – and will be ready to take on all contenders when it launches on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

At the least it's nice to see some progress and age on these characters. Go download the Street Fighter 6 demo now and prepare for the release of the game in early June.

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