Street Fighter is celebrating a big year with a big new logo. What else is coming in 2022 for Street Fighter?

Street Fighter has announced a 35th-anniversary logo and it's pretty fire.

Street Fighter has been around for 35 years if you can believe it. The first Street Fighter, a side-scrolling game similar to Final Fight, featured Ryu and Ken using martial arts together to beat challenges. In 1991, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was released, shifting to friends fighting each other instead of working together. It featured a roster of fighters who all had their own unique fighting styles.

While Street Fighter has inspired fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur, the OG has remained the most popular classic fighting game in the world. There are now Street Fighter movies and a healthy competitive scene thanks to the Capcom Cup. But the most exciting update is Street Fighter 6 is on the horizon.

How are Capcom planning to celebrate?

To celebrate its rich history in the gaming world — from arcades to living rooms — Street Fighter has created an epic anniversary logo. There may be other events and surprises on the way for Street Fighter fans throughout the year, according to Street Fighter's Japanese Twitter account.

What is happening for Street Fighter's 35th anniversary?

It's currently unknown what news, content, and more will be coming to the Street Fighter community this monumental year. But the FGC is assuming there will be merchandise, including clothes and action figures, and a new game announcement. There may also be a compilation package featuring multiple titles, like what was released for the game's 30th anniversary.

When is Street Fighter 6 coming out?

Leaks have shown that Street Fighter 6 (codename CAPCOM 6) may be in testing. The leaks, which have been confirmed by IGN, show that Street Fighter 6 would be coming out in 2022, but in Quarter 3. Players expect Luke to play a big part of the new title since Capcom called the fighter "a glimpse into the future" when he was released for Street Fighter 5.

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