Brazilian Street Fighter V pro Robinho has been banned from Capcom Cup after telling a disturbing tale of sexual assault in his youth.

Robson "Robinho" Oliveira has been banned from all Capcom Pro Tour events. This follows a disturbing Twitch stream in which he detailed sexual assault that he allegedly carried out years ago.

Robinho has since gone on to make statements saying that the story was "made up." That has obviously not stopped Capcom and his team from taking action. He has now been permanently banned from Capcom events, and stripped of his team. He's also been banned from all events run by Rick "TheHadou" Thiher (Evo and Combo Breaker) and Alex Jebailey (CEO.)

The story, which broke earlier this week on Robinho's Twitch channel, was translated by CruzaderOnline. In it, he admits to getting a woman drunk and taking her to have sex with more than eight men.

How did PATOZ react?

His team, PATOZ, released a statement on the situation. In it, they part ways with Robinho and discourage other players from following in his footsteps.

"Guys, today is a sad day for us and for FGC where it is very difficult to deal with a situation like this when we are also taken by surprise with this case. First of all, we needed to understand all the details that occurred in this Robinho case," the team said in a statement. "Therefore, we officially announce that Robinho is no longer part of the Patoz Team. We are grateful for all his time of contribution and dedication, but we do not condone the attitude he said in his stream. We will not tolerate any member following the same path."

The Brazilian FGC has been in an uproar over this statement, with many claiming that the team is being too nice to the player, and should not wish him well or thank him for his time at all.

"Again, I ask you not to get carried away and not mix things up, not to blame offenses, crimes, etc. on the team and members. We appreciate everyone's understanding and regret what happened."

Capcom's Ruling on Robinho

Capcom, meanwhile, removed all mention of Robinho from the Capcom Pro Tour website. Robinho had won the second Brazilian qualifier for Capcom Cup VIII, which had recently been canceled and moved online. Now, he won't be competing.

Capcom encouraged local authorities to take it from here, and perhaps press charges. Robinho claimed that the story was made up "in jest," but he did confirm that he was in a relationship with the woman in question. It's unclear what other punishments, if any, will be brought against him.