Red Rooster’s Mono dominates the competition in CEO’s Street Fighter V bracket, an unexpected result with F.A.N.G of all characters.

This past weekend marked the return of one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world, and coming with it a CEO Street Fighter V tournament. After a year long hiatus due to the global pandemic, CEO returned in magnificent fashion. CEO or Community Effort Orlando, is a fighting game tournament that is organized by Alex Jebailey. Even if you aren’t a part of the fighting game community, you’ve likely seen his face on Twitch with the Jebaited emote.

The emote that graces chat whenever someone gets hilariously duped.

After three days of fighting game action, CEO 2021 was reaching its conclusion. The second to last bracket to be played was Street Fighter V. After hundreds of rounds, one champion stood above the rest.

Ricardo “Mono” Roman hailing from Puerto Rico took the entire tournament in convincing fashion. He swept through the winners side bracket with his signature pick, FANG to become the CEO Street Fighter V champion.

“The hero needs to fall so that legends can rise!” says commentator

A shocker in CEO Street Fighter V Grand Finals

Mono shocked the world when he bested Punk 3-1 in winner’s finals. Panda Global’s Punk is widely considered to be one of, if not the best Street Fighter V player in the world. Later, during CEO’s Street Fighter V grand finals, Punk played his signature Karin. Mono faltered for a moment when Punk reset the bracket in a quick 3-0 sweep. In the grand finals reset, Mono showed that he knew how to adapt.

Mono wings CEO Street Fighter V with F.A.N.G
The newest poisonous member of Shadloo’s four heavenly kings, FANG

Mono played with incredible precision, making sure to space his moves and control the screen with FANG’s projectiles. Using FANG’s long range pokes and playing a patient game gave Mono the title of CEO Street Fighter V champion.

This fantastic victory also marked the first major tournament victory for FANG since Razer’s Xian in season 1. The character has been seen as low or bottom tier since the beginning of Street Fighter V’s life. This victory is a monumental occasion for both Mono and the FANG main community. You can catch up with the match in the CEO 2021 Street Fighter V VOD.

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