Luke joins the cast of the world warriors as the final character of Street Fighter V. Here’s a quick look for what to expect.

Street Fighter V’s newest DLC character, Luke, will be available to play on 11/29/2021. The MMA fighter was revealed in August as the final character to be added to Street Fighter V’s roster. This brawny world warrior is a strong character meant to play a rushdown style. His revealed target combos and normals show a focus on his punches, each of them accentuating his close style of play.

Luke’s default costume on “The Stage of Destiny”

Luke’s Playstyle

Luke is a heavy hitting brawler, meant to be in his opponent’s face at all times. Luke’s punch normals all move him forward when used. This added movement allows him to close the gap quickly. His two target combos “Triple Impact” (performed by pressing light punch, medium punch, heavy punch) and “Snapback Combo” (medium punch four times) allow him to convert mid ranged hits into big damage.

His special moves are rather common. “Sand Blaster” is his projectile, and he has an anti air uppercut with “Rising Rocket.” His truly unique special move, and the one that producer Takayuki Nakayama says is “synonymous with Luke” is his “Flash Knuckle.”

Luke using his Sand Blaster special move

Flash Knuckle is a forward moving special that changes based on the strength of the button used. By holding down the button used, you can enhance the Flash Knuckle. The light version will launch for a follow up combo. The medium version knocks the opponent away for a wall bounce. Finally the heavy version becomes a much harder hit that sends the opponent full screen and is plus on block.

Luke’s V-Skills in SFV

Luke’s V-skill 1 is “Hard Shot.” This V-skill allows Luke to charge up his next Flash Knuckle, giving instant access to the enhanced version. By holding down the button during an Hard Shot charged special, you get access to an even stronger version. The weakness of this V-skill is the long charge up time.

Luke’s V-skill 2 is “Suppressor.” This V-skill makes Luke take a step backwards before coming in for a swift body blow. Suppressor’s back step is throw invulnerable. If a throw is avoided with Suppressor, Luke will perform a unique animation and deal more damage. The attack after the back step can be cancelled into a special move for a follow up combo.

Luke’s V-Triggers in SFV

Both of Luke’s V-Triggers activate a V-timer, but his is completely unique. Instead of draining as time goes on, Luke’s V-timer increases. The timer will also increase as he deals damage to his opponent. Luke’s timer is drained when performing certain special moves or when getting hit by his opponent. This unique timer is meant to prevent opponents from running away and letting his V-trigger run out. It also emphasizes going in and trying to deal damage to his opponents.

Luke’s first V-Trigger is “Full Armed.” This V-Trigger gives Luke access to two new special moves, Rock Smasher and Thermobaric Thrash. Both of these moves drain his V-timer when used and act as enhanced projectiles. While Rock Smasher can be used at any time, Thermobaric Thrash can only be used after an Ex Sand Blaster. Although Thermobaric Thrash needs both V-timer and a stock of Ex meter to be used, it packs a heavy punch.

Luke’s second V-Trigger is “Vanguard.” This V-Trigger let’s Luke cancel from one Flash Knuckle into another one of a differing strength. By using this V-Trigger in tandem with his V-skill 1, you can combo enhanced Flash Kunckles into an incredibly damaging combo.

Wrap Up

Luke is Street Fighter V’s final DLC character and he does not disappoint. While not being a familiar face from older titles, he’s meant to be a sign of things to come for the future of the series. Street Fighter V’s producer, Shuhei Matsumoto had this to say about Luke.

Luke is an important character who will be featured in the next Street Fighter project, so we hope you try him out when he’s released in SFV.

Shuhei Matsumoto on Luke

As the future of the next project, he seems to be an incredibly unique and interesting character. You can learn more about him by playing his story when he releases on November 29th 2021. You can watch’s own Justin Wong give his thoughts on the live stream here. For more FGC news, be sure to follow us here at!

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