Everything to know about this Esports World Cup 2024 qualifier is here.

CEO 2024 featured quite a few fighting games tournaments, and Street Fighter 6 (SF6) had one of the biggest competitions here. Not only is the game currently super popular, but it also has a series of Esports World Cup 2024 qualifiers happening around the globe. Street Fighter 6 at CEO 2024 was one of the final EWC events. With only two slots on offer, it was an intense competition.

Street Fighter 6 at CEO 2024: Stream

Not everyone could join the party in the physical world, but the magic of live streaming is here to have us covered. Most SF6 matches from CEO 2024 were on the Twitch channel TampaNeverSleeps. The final top 8 brackets were on the official CEOGaming Twitch channel. And the SF6 CEO 2024 VOD is right here, embed below:

CEO 2024 Street Fighter 6 results

The players who made it through the pools and the top 24 brackets of the CEO 2024 Street Fighter 6 tournament are shown in the post below.

Top 8 recap

The final brackets treated us to an epic fight right in the winner's semi-final. Two of the best US Street Fighter 6 players faced each other again: Punk vs iDom. These guys had quite a history in Street Fighter V, but with the release of the newer game, both somewhat struggled to reach the very top. Well, it feels like this period is finally over.

Punk played Cammy in that match, while iDom chose Manon. Punk won two starting games and reached the match point. Getting one game did not save iDom, and Punk proceeded to the winner's final.

Punk’s next opponent was DCQ from China. It did not go too well for the American player. Punk won game 1 but then lost three and fell to the loser's brackets. In this match, he picked Ken for the final game, proving his range of active characters.

The loser's semi was also super interesting. iDom faced Nephew — both were sent to this dimension by Punk. iDom switched from Manon to JP, trying to adapt to Nephew’s Juri. That helped for two rounds, but then Nephew unleashed his own power of adaptation and won the match.

In the losers final, Nephew played against Punk again (the previous match was in the top 24 winners). And again Punk won — with impressive confidence this time.

Grand Final

To face JP of DCQ, Punk took Akuma, one of the newest DLC characters. This move turned out to be pretty successful, as Punk reset the bracket and then won the decisive set with a 3:0.

Punk is the Street Fighter 6 champion at CEO 2024. Congratulations!

This victory may be considered as a return of Punk to the Street Fighter’s top-most level. Before CEO 2024, the player participated in many tournaments, but won only a tier 2 one at Frosty Faustings XVI. It will be interesting to follow Punk’s performance at Evo 2024 and the Capcom Pro Tour 2024 major qualifiers, which start in August.

SF6 results at CEO 2024: the top 8 brackets (image via start.gg)
SF6 results at CEO 2024: the top 8 brackets (image via start.gg)
Street Fighter 6 character
1FlyQuest | PunkCammy, Ken, Akuma
2Team Falcons | DCQJP
3Team Liquid | NephewJuri
4XSET | iDomManon, JP
5-6Team Falcons | NLAkuma, Luke
5-6Moist Esports | JAKJuri
7-8Twisted Minds | NoahTheProdigyLuke
7-8Cloud9 | LexxGuile

DCQ and Nephew qualified for the Street Fighter 6 Esports World Cup 2024. Punk got his invite from DreamHack Summer 2024, where he finished 7th-8th.

CEO 2024 SF6: Format and schedule

There will be four stages of the Street Fighter 6 tournament, with 615 CEO 2024 attendees registered to compete.

  • 32 pools or Round 1: four top players from each pool proceed further
  • 4 pools of Round 2: six top players from each remain in the tournament
  • Top 24 brackets
  • Top 8 — the final matches

Here is the detailed Street Fighter 6 schedule at CEO 2024:

Tournament Stage
Start time (ET)
Start time (PT)
Round 1Friday, June 2812 p.m.9 a.m.
Round 1Saturday, June 2910 a.m.7 a.m.
Round 2 Saturday, June 292 p.m.11 a.m.
Top 24 to top 8Sunday, June 3011 a.m.8 a.m.
Top 8Sunday, June 302:30 p.m.11:30 a.m.

SF6 Esports World Cup Qualifiers

The top 2 players at the CEO 2024 Street Fighter 6 should get their invites to the Esports World Cup 2024, which happens in August (for SF6). Still, there is a real possibility that those who already qualified for the EWC will achieve the top placements. In this case, the players with lower placer will obtain the spots. 

The community had four SF6 EWC 2024 qualifying events before CEO 2024. Here is who qualified from each of the events so far.

  • Evo Japan 2024, six spots: MenaRD, Kakeru, Lexx, Ryukichi, Vxbao, and moke
  • DreamHack Dallas 2024, eight spots: gachikun, Problem X, Phenom, Zhen, Chris Wong, NuckleDu, Oil King, and Higuchi
  • Battle Arena Melbourne 14, two spots: Tokido and Tachikawa
  • DreamHack Summer 2024, eight spots: Kawano, Bonchan, Itabashi Zangief, Rainpro, Big Bird, Punk, xiaohai, and Hikaru

Only six spots remain:

  • The MIXUP 2024: two spots
  • Riyadh Festival LCQ: four spots

Top players to watch out for

It’s no surprise that the prospect of qualifying for the Esports World Cup has attracted some of the best Street Fighter 6 players in the world. And even beyond that, it’s essential for serious competitors to use every opportunity for tournament practice. Evo 2024, the biggest and most prestigious fighting esports event, is in three weeks. The Capcom Pro Tour 2024 starts in August.

Who of the biggest names in SF6 esports have registered for CEO 2024?

  • AngryBird — the EVO 2023 champion
  • MenaRD — a two-time Capcom Cup champion, the winner of Evo Japan 2024
  • Daigo — an absolute legend of the fighting games culture
  • Smug — the player got many top placements in Street Fighter V
  • Nephew — one of the best Street Fighter players in the US West
  • Fuudo — a remarkable Japanese player

The next Street Fighter 6 (and TEKKEN 8) Esports World Cup 2024 qualifier is right around the corner. The MIXUP 2024 is a big fighting games event in Lyon, France, which happens from July 13 to July 14. Stick around on esports.gg for everything important about SF6 tournaments.