A surprise reveal just before Street Fighter 6 EVO Grand Finals, a SF6 TMNT collaboration is coming this week. TURTLE POWER!

Well, I guess when the in-house Capcom jam band comes out and plays the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme it means something. Revealed just before EVO Street Fighter 6 top six on Sunday night, a collaboration between SF6 and TMNT is coming to Street Fighter 6 this coming August 8. The collection includes costumes, emotes, skin pieces, sounds, and more.

And that is... Well, a surprise. Seriously: A SF6 and TMNT collab and crossover was not something on my bingo card. Will there be anything else revealed before the night is over? We'll know in just a few hours.

Also, check out that fabulous crossover art with the Turtles and Street Fighter gang. We love to see it.

SF TMNT collaboration coming August 8

Featuring the original 1990s cartoon aesthetic, the SF6 TMNT crossover collaboration is a pure shot of nostalgia. Not only will there be costumes and accessories for all four of the famous, fighting turtles, but the pack includes emotes, stamps, sounds, and more.

And, be honest: Haven't you always wanted to play as Ryu in a Ninja Turtle costume while uppercutting some dude online? Well, now is your chance to make all those dreams a reality. While there's no price yet on the SF6 TMNT collab, you can expect it to be in line with some of the other battle pass offerings.

In a weekend full of big announcements this certainly ranks as one of the most out-of-left-field reveals. With any luck we're still going to get a big announcement after EVO Grand Finals. For now, though, we still have the real of our next DLC fighter for Street Fighter 6, AKI. How long until we can put her in an April O'Neil costume? Only time (and the SF6 TMNT crossover) will tell.

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