We knew Rashid might be broken on release, but taking the game down for maintenance is a massive surprise. Luckily its only for a few hours.

Street Fighter 6 will be down for maintenance for several hours on July 25 due to bugs relating to new DLC fighter Rashid and his Ysaar whirlwind attack. The maintenance will start from 1:00 a.m. PDT, (9:00 a.m. BST) and continue for several hours with no solid time for completion. News broke in messages on social media early in the morning.

The emergency SF6 maintenance is to fix two issues, one with Rashid's Ysaar attack and another with JP's Embrace attacks. That's the whirlwind and the command grab for those unsure what that refers to. The issue relates to these items staying onscreen for a prolonged time. In some cases, the Ysaar would still deal damage, and in others would linger even after dealing its damage.

Rashid's Ysaar is his old V-Trigger from Street Fighter 5, ported over as his Level 2 Super Art. A high damage move, it's a common part of Rashid players' arsenal, so having it broken is quite an issue.

JP's Embrace attack is a projectile command grab that looks very similar to his Torbalan attack. The issue was causing the Embrace projectile to stay on screen, meaning it threatened a grab even though it wasn't active.

(Screenshot by esports.gg)
(Screenshot by esports.gg)

Both are pretty game-changing bugs, so the SF6 emergency maintenance to fix the issues with Rashid and JP is definitely welcome.

Rashid released on July 24 and has quickly become a favorite character in Street Fighter 6, with many loving his new move-set and design. We've got our hands on him, and become his student in World Tour mode.

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