Struggling to master the Drive Rush Cancel in Street Fighter 6? Capcom is making a control change to simplify the maneuver.

Street Fighter 6 may be the most newbie-friendly fighter in the franchise's long history. However, the ease of use only goes so far. One of the tougher mechanics for both new players and returning fighters to grasp has been the Drive Rush Cancel. Used as a way to press your advantage, make moves safe on block, and burn meter for all those rad combos, the Drive Rush Cancel is a core part of the game.

It's also not particularly easy compared to how other aspects of the controls have been parsed for easy understanding.

Looking ahead at the future, Capcom announced today a quality-of-life change to help make the Drive Rush Cancel easier and more understandable. If we're being honest, this change is huge in regards to getting the feel for SF6's combat.

Drive Rush Cancel changes coming

As it currently stands, doing a Drive Rush Cancel involves multiple inputs. First, it requires a move that can is cancellable. This is most normal attacks and numerous special attacks. For instance, Ryu's crouching medium kick can be DRC'ed, allowing you to instantly follow up with another attack and, essentially, keep the combo chain going. However, to do that requires the player to forward dash immediately as the kick input is going out.

When it works it's great. However, as combos get more complicated and require you to parry cancel into a DRC you run into complications. Looking to make this process easier, Capcom is shortcutting the Drive Rush Cancel to medium punch+medium kick on Classic controls and the Drive Parry button on Modern.

<em>The quality-of-life update will come with the Rashid patch.</em>
The quality-of-life update will come with the Rashid patch.

This change is set for the Rashid patch on July 24, just in time for EVO 2023. For anyone whose muscle memory is already set in stone, it does appear that you can still cancel the old way. Personally, I can say that all the work I've put into learning Manon's juggle combos out of her anti-air specials just got way, way easier.

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