Don’t click on those OTHER websites, only this one has Master Dan showing you how to taunt in Street Fighter 6!

Hey, loser: What are you doing? Do you really think you're going to get any better at Street Fighter 6 by, Of course not! Everyone knows that training mode is useless and a complete waste of time! How do I know? Well, I bought these motivation speakers tapes from my new hero, Dan Hibiki! This master of Saikyo Style is a self-taught legend, and gave me some legendary advice: Need to improve in Street Fighter 6? Taunt! That's right, taunt the crap out of em.

<em>So majestic, so powerful.</em>
So majestic, so powerful.

However, it appears that Capcom has made one major omission from the training mode and not told anybody how to taunt in Street Fighter 6. See? This is what happens when Yoshinori Ono leaves Capcom. Important things start getting left on the cutting room floor.

Well, we're here to teach you the fine art of mocking your big, stupid opponent and improving your Street Fighter 6 play through the power of the taunt! Let's go!

How to taunt in Street Fighter 6

The button combination to taunt in Street Fighter 6 is a bit different than in past games. You can taunt by hitting all punch and kick buttons together--which is to say, hit all six attack buttons at once. This is a change from Street Fighter IV, in which you taunted by hitting HK+HP. However, In Street Fighter 6 that will cause you to use your Drive Impact move. Each fighter as a number of taunts, and sometimes holding a different direction button will change the taunt.

This isn't a problem for Master Dan, but keep in mind that you cannot cancel the taunt animation. So, if you're gonna stick it to the man, make sure you're ready to hold it for the duration! Only cowards worry about leaving themselves open to a free attack! You're actually just lulling them into a false sense of security before you whip out your ultimate move: A level three Super Art on wake-up!

Yeah! That'll show em.

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