The 20th fighter added to Street Fighter 6, AKI now has a release date. Let’s look at her specials, gameplay trailer, and more.

Cue the Britney Spears playlist on Spotify, because Street Fighter 6 is getting a new poison specialist. Capcom announced today the release date for its 20th fighter for Street Fighter 6, AKI. The second fighter of the game's 'Year 1' DLC season is set for release on Sept. 27. And despite Capcom's claims that I cannot 'fix her,' that isn't going stop me and other masochists from trying.

Let's go over everything we know about AKI, her style, and what she brings to Street Fighter 6 in a world where Zangief is winning tournaments.

When does AKI release for Street Fighter 6?

The potential heir to Street Fighter 5 fighter F.A.N.G. and his poison-laced dynasty, AKI is set for release on Sept. 27 across all platforms. Much like her fellow Year 1 fighter, Rashid, she will be available in World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub.

What are AKI's special moves?

If that purple hue AKI is spraying on her enemies doesn't look familiar then you clearly didn't play enough Street Fighter V. Much like F.A.N.G., AKI in Street Fighter 6 is all about poison and dampening your opponent's game plan. Here's a rundown of her moveset.

  • Serpent Lash: From a distance, A.K.I. sends her nails flying forward like a chain, poisoning enemies she hits. When she strikes an opponent who is already poisoned, a Toxic Blossom will trigger an explosion and open enemies up to follow-up attacks.
  • Nightshade Pulse: A.K.I. sends a bubble forward that also poisons enemies it hits. She can strike the bubble with Nightshade Chaser to pop it in advance, increasing its area of effect.
  • Orchid Spring: A.K.I. places a puddle of poison in front of her which will affect opponents who step inside it.
  • Sinister Slide: Slither across the screen to avoid threats while stalking forward and perform follow-up moves like Venomous Fang, Heel Strike, or Entrapment.
  • Claws of Ya Zi: A.K.I.’s Level 3 Super Art pierces various pressure points on an opponent’s body and injects a poison that dangerously detonates from within.

It appears you can trigger juggles and follow-up attacks with AKI's poison, as well as drain Drive Meter in the process. Also, much like Street Fighter elder statesman Vega, she has multiple long-reaching normals and stabbing attacks that appear to give her an advantage in the mid-range. Combine that with poison-laced projectiles and AKI may be a medicine-induced nightmare in Street Fighter 6.

You won't have to wait long for AKI to arrive, as Sept. 27 is less than a month away. Keep a lookout for her second outfit, which comes with the Deluxe Edition of the game or the Fighter Pass.

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