Former NYSL player ZooMaa has made his grand return to FaZe Clan as their latest content creator.

FaZe Clan has announced that former New York Subliners player Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparatto has officially returned to their ranks. The host of the popular CoD podcast The Flank will be joining FaZe as one of their new content creators. Here is everything you need to know.

ZooMaa Rejoins FaZe Clan

The announcement of ZooMaa’s fated reunion with FaZe Clan was first announced on the team’s Twitter page earlier this afternoon.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be welcomed back to FaZe Clan with open arms and am excited for what the future holds. FaZe Up!” Tommy said regarding his move to FaZe.

“ZooMaa has been a part of the FaZe family since he began competing for us back in 2015,” FaZe Clan founder “CBass” said in a press release. “Having him return to the brand in the next stage of his career, as a creator, is something we are extremely excited about.”

CBass went on to discuss plans regarding ZooMaa’s role within the organization; with a key emphasis on ZooMaa’s podcast The Flank. “We are excited to work hand in hand alongside Tommy to further build his profile, take The Flank to new heights, and support all of his future endeavors to come,” he said.

The Story of Zoomaa and FaZe Clan

The relationship between ZooMaa and FaZe Clan is one that goes back several years. He first joined the organization from Denial Esports as a professional Call of Duty player in 2015. Denial, with the roster of ZooMaa, Clayster, Attach, and Enable, went on to become one of the most feared rosters in CoD Esports during the Jetpack era; where ZooMaa made a name for himself as one of the best players in the game.

ZooMaa was also a part of the infamous FaZe team that won the CWL 2018 Stage 1 Final after defeating the OpTic dynasty roster in two best-of-five series; an MVP performance. He briefly spent time playing for OpTic Gaming as a substitute during the Black Ops 4 season before once again lining up for FaZe for the remainder of the season. Then in the fall of 2019, ZooMaa parted ways with FaZe to join the NYSL in the newly franchised CDL.

Unfortunately, he was forced to retire from professional CoD due to an injury shortly before the start of Season 2. In the time since he has taken to streaming and eventually started his own podcast, The Flank. The show was an instant hit within the CoD community as he discussed everything that was going on within the CDL. He formally left NYSL following the conclusion of the Cold War season.

Now ZooMaa finds himself back with FaZe Clan after two years apart from the organization that gave him his big break. And we cannot wait to see where he goes from here on out.

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