xQc streams The Dark Knight on Kick after signing $100M deal cover image

xQc streams The Dark Knight on Kick after signing $100M deal

Streamer xQc flirted with a DMCA strike on Kick after signing a $100-million deal with the platform.

French-Canadian Felix "xQc" Lengyel's streaming career on Kick had a shaky start. He risked a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) strike by streaming Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight to his audience. This was days after signing a blockbuster $100-million deal with the up-and-coming platform. It got to a point where a Kick staff member left a pinned message that warned xQc to stop the stream.

xQc claims he was reacting to The Dark Knight on stream

xQc claimed he wasn't just streaming the film to an audience, but reacting to it. However, viewers and Twitter users claimed that he was just watching the film and barely provided commentary or noteworthy reactions, essentially streaming it to an audience of about 50,000 viewers. xQc said that a DMCA strike "made sense" after ending the stream.

Kick staff had to step in and warn the streamer

Around an hour into the film, a Kick staff member joined the stream and pinned a message warning xQc and advising him to stop streaming. The message went, "We would like to notify you that streaming the specific content is in violation of our DMCA policy. Therefore, we kindly ask you to stop your live stream and be aware that we will need to remove the current VOD containing this content." xQc admitted that the warning "made sense" and stopped the stream immediately.

Kick has removed the VOD from the platform

All clips and the VOD have been removed from Kick after xQc ended his stream. In essence, this makes sense. While many of xQc's subscribers and fans are upset, no streaming platform is above DMCA laws. In the past, the streamer served multiple bans on Twitch. The Dark Knight is a great film, but even xQc knows it isn't worth a DMCA strike and a potential ban after his massive deal with Kick.

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