xQc’s “Juiced” game show one of the biggest Twitch hits of September 2022 cover image

xQc’s “Juiced” game show one of the biggest Twitch hits of September 2022

The first episode of xQc’s gameshow, Juiced, was 1 of the 5 most popular sponsored Twitch streams of September.

Juiced, the live game show hosted by Twitch’s largest streamer, Félix “xQc” Lengyel, topped the streaming charts this September with a peak of 125,000 viewers. 

xQc's Juiced Tops Twitch Streaming Charts

After 6 months of development with a price tag of over $500,000, the first episode of Juiced premiered on September 30th to over 125,000 viewers.

The episode featured top streamers, Sykkuno and Kyedae, facing off against Zoil and Myth in multiple physical and mental challenges. 

According to Streams Charts, the first episode aired to 94,000 average viewers and peaked at 125,000 viewers. Due to the episode’s success, it ranked as one of the 5 most popular sponsored streams of September.

The second episode saw a dip in viewership, airing to 76,000 average viewers and peaking at 115,000 viewers. The episode featured Ludwig and AustinShow facing off against ConnorEatsPants and Jerma985.

Despite this dip, the numbers are nothing to scoff at and the chat was engaged as ever. Out of the 115,000 viewers, over 19,800 viewers sent more than 118,000 total chat messages. 

xQc's Juiced, sees high viewership numbers (Image via StreamCharts).
xQc's Juiced, sees high viewership numbers (Image via StreamCharts).

About "Juiced"

The game show was created by xQc, with the help of Ludwig’s agency OFFBRAND. Juiced is a six-episode series, sponsored by Fansly and inspired by Nickelodeon game shows from the ‘90s. 

Ludwig announced the series alongside the debut of his new agency — the first of many productions to come.

xQc acts as the host of the gameshow with streamer duos who compete in a series of mental and physical challenges. 

At the end of each episode, viewers vote for one member of the losing team to be “juiced”. The "omega juicer" then drenches the unlucky streamer with an orange liquid that comes out of its nose, modeled after xQc's nose.

While the gameshow’s concept is nothing new, Juiced is a great example of how streamers are continuing to improve the production value of their content. 

Tune in to the third episode of Juiced, airing on xQc’s Twitch Channel this month.