Tyler1 reaches 1700 ELO in chess after only 8 months cover image

Tyler1 reaches 1700 ELO in chess after only 8 months

Tyler1 has reached an advanced rating of 1700 ELO in only eight months!

Tyler1, a popular personality with more than 5 million followers on Twitch, just took the chess world by storm. The energetic streamer who is mainly known for his League of Legends content, has reached 1700 ELO on Chess.com, entering the top 1.5% of the world. He reached this milestone after only eight months of grind.

Tyler1 started with 199 ELO in chess

Although Tyler1 mains League of Legends, the energetic streamer has taken a serious dive into chess. It all started in 2023 when he began spamming online chess, playing an average of 32 games daily! He was later invited to join PogChamps 5, an amateur chess tournament among other notable streamers like xQc and QTCinderella. At this point, his ELO was at a low 199. 

Tyler1 lost to Ididathing in PogChamps 5.
Tyler1 lost to Ididathing in PogChamps 5.

He lost the PogChamps fight, dropping out of the Quarter Final against Ididathing. But Tyler1 didn't stop there. He continued to vigorously play online chess and his improvement has been fascinating. It is not a surprise to learn that Tyler1 won the Best Chess Streamer at the Streamer Awards this year.

A rapid ELO climb, Tyler1 breaks 1700 ELO after 8 months

One and a half month after PogChamps, Tyler1 enters 1000 ELO. This already stunned a lot of his fans and the chess community, considering the insanely fast pace of his improvement. Tyler1 is known for his competitive persona and it was clear that he was dead set to improve in chess, even playing the game off stream. Tyler1 even once admitted on stream that he had played 1,000 games in 24 hours!

The grind then sees Tyler1 hit 1200 ELO after only two months. This ELO marks him stepping away from the novice bracket and into the intermediate zone. Many people thought this would be the ceiling where he hits. But his latest milestone has been an even bigger shock to both his fans and the chess community.

On March 19th, Tyler1 breaks 1700 ELO. This rating sits in an advanced bracket where you can comfortably say, "I'm really good at chess." Tyler1's current ELO ranks him in Class B in the USCF rating categories, just two levels behind "Expert".

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While this is already an impressive feat, the short duration that it took for him to reach this high makes it even more astounding. At this pace, he may just reach expertise in less than a year!

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