TwitchCon 2024 dates and locations have officially been revealed.

Earlier today (January 16, 2024) multiple sources confirmed the dates, locations and more for TwitchCon 2024. The news comes not too shortly after the live-streaming company faced a multitude of layoffs during the end of the Holidays.

Luckily, though, the locations for the next few years of TwitchCon were also announced, meaning people will be able to plan for the next few years a bit more accordingly.

When is TwitchCon 2024?

TwitchCon 2024 will take place over two different weekends, in two different countries. This is not a new fashion for Twitch, as every year there has been a TwitchCon in the US and one in Europe.

So when will TwitchCon be in 2024? And where will the events be held?

TwitchCon 2024 dates and locations:

  • Twitchcon EU: Rotterdam, June 29-30, 2024.
  • Twitchcon San Diego: September 20-22, 2024.

Similar to past years, TwitchCon EU will be held mid-summer and TwitchCon US will be held in the fall. Last year, TwitchCon EU was held in Paris while TwitchCon US was held in Las Vegas. It seems as if both locations are changing for 2024.

Many from the US are excited to see TwitchCon go back to San Diego, like in past years.

Will TwitchCon stay at these dates and locations in the future?

While every year tends to be a little different, TwitchCon is setting its location for the next few years, so many already know what is coming.

TwitchCon EU will stay in the Netherlands until 2026 and TwitchCon US will stay in San Diego all the way until 2028. This makes planning much more easier for streamers and fans who decide to go to the events.

Other than dates, though, little has been announced about Twitch's large events. Luckily, we at will keep you updated as more information is revealed.

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