TrainwrecksTV hit it big on slots and decided to give back by giving away $1 million to ring in the new year.

Tyler ‘TrainwrecksTV’ Niknam made a lot of people's day yesterday as he gave away $1 million in donations to various streamers. Trainwrecks has made a name for himself as both a variety streamer and, more recently, streaming his online slots play.

He's well known as a philanthropist before this as well. As of October, he had given away over $4 million to various members of the community thus far.

This new $1 million giveaway is simply the latest and largest he's ever done in one go.

Why did TrainwrecksTV give away so much money?

This latest million-dollar giveaway was the result of him cashing out multiple jackpots, including a $5.7 million dollar prize. This led to him wanting to give back to the community as a result.

“9 months of pure shit, I’m still down horrendous but as a joke at the beginning of stream I said I’d give 1 million away if somehow I hit 10 million,” Trainwrecks explained on Twitter. “It actually happened for the first time in 9 months so f*k it, it’s locked in.”

The giveaway didn't go all smoothly, however. There were 27,000 entrants trying to enter and it broke the Nightbot giveaway site. Twitch couldn't even keep track of the giveaway chat logs for people to enter.

He did end up splitting the giveaway between multiple viewers, to whoever got their name drawn. He also gave away money to other streamers, as was evidenced on Twitter.

Despite all of his winnings, Trainwrecks has encouraged his viewers not to follow in his footsteps and gamble.

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