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Trainwreck Announces Mental Health Program for Stream Communities

Trainwreckstv unveils a unique partnership with mental health charity Rise Above the Disorder to give people free therapy.

In a massive move for mental health treatment and awareness in the streaming community, Tyler Faraz Niknam, better known under his alias Trainwreck, has announced the Community Care Program. The program was announced by TwitLonger on Trainwreck’s Twitter on July 18th.

In the post, a unique partnership between Trainwreckstv and Rise Above the Disorder, a mental health care non-profit, is revealed. It’s main aim is to remove the main barriers to therapy: Cost and ease of access. The program is set to offer free therapy sessions to members of creators’ communities. With a $350,000 initial donation, Trainwreck has become the first creator to offer free therapy to his community, with an estimated 12,000 sessions being funded by that donation.

The aim of the program is simple but revolutionary: Creators donate towards a mental health fund organized by Rise Above the Disorder. With that money, members of that creator’s community can have access to a number of mental healthcare services. These include access to professional mental healthcare through Rise Above The Disorder, regardless of cost, location, or insurance.

Additionally, the service will provide a 24/7 Discord Bot (with Twitch and YouTube bots tentatively in the works). This will allow creators’ community members can DM the bot to be securely & privately connected to mental health professionals. Beyond this, community moderators can react to messages they’re concerned about to have the bot log the message. It will then be sent to Rise Above The Disorder’s mental health professionals for support.

An incredible mental health initiative by Trainwreck

The aim of the program is to make sure members of the community who don’t have insurance, who are under-insured, or otherwise are unable to afford therapy can get the help they need. The fund, which was first hinted at on July 10th, when Trainwreck mentioned it on stream, has now been delivered. Trainwreck is no stranger to charitable giving. The streamer regularly gives away thousands of dollars on stream. But Trainwreck has also donated to mental health charities before with a $250,000 donation made in April.

But rather than just help his own community, the Community Care Program allows any streamer, YouTuber, or creator of any kind to support their community. The initiative is revolutionary and truly makes the word “community” live up to its definition.  

For more information on the program, information on how to take part, or how to get help, head to