The award-winning Gamerhood Challenge is here with more challenges and new faces in the neighborhood.

After a very successful first season, The Gamerhood Challenge is here for season 2. The State Farm "All Things Gaming" series will return with new faces and more challenges. The five-episode series will be live starting June 1.

State Farm developed the series to spread awareness of the importance of insurance in preparing and recovering from unexpected incidents. Throughout the series, the players will compete with each other in various challenges while trying to navigate around obstacles relating to real-world mishaps.

Who is going to be in The Gamerhood Challenge 2?

The Gamerhood Challenge will bring back the energetic duo of Alex "Goldeboy" Mendez and Barbara Dunkelman as the series' host. We will also be seeing the return of Berlin "Berleezy" Edmond, Dontai "ImDontai" Ethridge, and BlackKrystel in the new season.

Krystalogy, Jessica Blevins, Ninja and Typical Gamer (Image from The Gamerhood Challenge)
Krystalogy, Jessica Blevins, Ninja and Typical Gamer (Image from The Gamerhood Challenge)

In addition to the old player roster, we will be seeing fresh faces on the set. Richard "Ninja" Blevins and his wife, Jessica Blevins will be joining the series as a wife-husband duo. Moreover, Ludwig Ahgren, Andre "Typical Gamer" Rebelo, and Krysta "Krystalogy" completes the neighborhood, ready to join in all the challenges.

What to expect in the new season?

In The Gamerhood Challenge 2, the players will compete in teams of two in every challenge. The challenges include classic family games, video games, and yard games. The winner will ultimately go against Jake from State Farm and a mystery guest for each episode.

The series will also include an interactive component for viewers to join in the fun. There will be winners per episode where they will receive prizes.

Each team will represent one of the following nonprofit organizations:

The winner of The Gamerhood Challenge will be taking home the "Key to the Gamerhood". Moreover, State Farm will donate $100,000 USD to the organization that the winners are representing. The remaining team's nonprofits will receive $10,000 USD each.

Where can you watch the series?

The Gamerhood Challenge 2 will be available on their YouTube and Twitch channels. The episodes will go on air weekly every Thursday starting June 1 at 7 P.M ET.

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