A recent study by Fair Betting Sites showed an ultimate decline in growth across Twitch’s platform in 2022. Read more below.

A recent study done by data experts from Fair Betting Sites showed Twitch's year-on-year growth decline as the average viewership, channels, and watch hours took a dive.

With YouTube and other competitors pushing their platforms more than ever, it makes you wonder how much they have had an effect on Twitch's year-on-year growth.

Here is everything you need to know about Fair Betting Sites' recent study.

The average number of Twitch channels drop by 13% in 2022. Where did they go?

One of the most interesting aspects of this study was the reveal that the average number of active channels on Twitch declined by 13% in 2022.

So where did they go?

With so many other platforms such as YouTube and Tiktok trying to compete, it adds the question, how long until Twitch loses its spot as the number one streaming website?

Average Twitch Channels growth via FairBettingSites
Average Twitch Channels growth via FairBettingSites

This is the first time in company history that their average channel growth declined. As you can see, growth in the three years prior to 2022 was exponential for the streaming service.

Hours watched took a dip too in 2022, after 2021 had a massive increase

In 2020, Twitch's average hours watched spiked like no other year. People were looking for a getaway during the pandemic, and streaming filled that void.

Although 2021 was not as immense in growth as the year prior, the company still saw a solid increase in average watch hours. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for 2022.

Number of hours watched on Twitch 2022 via FairBettingSites
Number of hours watched on Twitch 2022 via FairBettingSites

Going from an almost 30% increase in hours watched in 2021, Twitch ended up going negative during the last year.

Is there a reason why fewer people are choosing to explore Twitch? Are competing sites taking over? Or was it just a slow year for the company? Only time will tell as the site continues to run and push boundaries going into 2023.

Although there may have been a decent amount of decline, Twitch still had some wins in 2022

Enough focus on the numbers running downward. Twitch still saw some positive increases during 2022. For the third consecutive year, the average number of viewers per channel increased. This means people are actually growing on Twitch, which is exactly what everyone wants.

Following 17% growth since 2020, the average Twitch channel's viewership is looking prominent going into 2023.

Average Twitch Viewers Per Channel via FairBettingSite
Average Twitch Viewers Per Channel via FairBettingSite

Not only did the average viewers per channel increase, but Twitch also saw a massive increase in the number of games streamed in 2022.

From Fortnite, to Call of Duty to more, Twitch saw an 18.4% increase in games streamed throughout their website. This is a huge win for the company, as more and more games continue to release.

Total Games streamed in 2022 via FairBettingSites
Total Games streamed in 2022 via FairBettingSites

Whether or not you are a Twitch user, YouTube user or both, it is notable to everyone that gaming and streaming are slowly changing. Whether or not they change in a positive way, is up to all of us.

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