Streamer Awards 2024 hosts and co-host revealed cover image

Streamer Awards 2024 hosts and co-host revealed

The 2024 Streamer Awards lineup of hosts include Pokimane, CDawgVA, and more.

The third iteration of the Streamer Awards will arrive in three more weeks. The founder and organizer, QTCinderella, who is also one of the world's biggest streamers, gradually unveiled more details regarding the award show. The latest revelation is the Streamer Awards 2024 list of nominees as well as its lineup of hosts and co-hosts.

All 2024 Streamer Awards hosts and co-hosts

  • CDawgVA (Red carpet host)
  • WillNeff (Red carpet host)
  • ExtraEmily (Red carpet host)
  • AustinShows (Floor host)
  • Pokimane (Co-host)

The first red carpet host for the 2024 Streamer Awards is CDawgVA, a Welsh YouTuber who's known for his anime-centered content. He actively participates in many events including the Mogul Chessboxing Championship as a surprise chess-clap appearance against Ludwig Ahgren. At the 2023 Streamer Awards, CDawgVA won in the category Best Philanthropic Stream Event.

(Image via <a href="">Will Neff</a>)
(Image via Will Neff)

We'll also see WillNeff, as red carpet host, and AustinShows, as floor host. Both these content creators are known for their former Name Your Price game show. They also have a massive presence in the Just Chatting category. ExtraEmily is the third red carpet host at the Streamer Awards! She is known for her fun and unique IRL content. She is also a part of the OTK Network since 2023.

(Image via <a href=";img_index=1">Pokimane</a>)
(Image via Pokimane)

The co-host of 2024 Streamer Awards will be Pokimane, one of the biggest Twitch personalities. Pokimane does many gaming content but is mostly known for her Just Chatting moments. She will presenting alongside QTCinderella this incoming February.

Streamer Awards is on the horizon

QTCinderella's Streamer Awards is set to take place in Los Angeles on February 17, 2024. This will be the third Streamer Awards as the first took place in 2022. The world's biggest streamers will arrive at the show and anticipate the winners of all 28 categories. In the meantime, stay tuned to for more Streamer Awards coverage!