Either people just wanted to spam Spider-Man, or they really wanted to spoil the movie for everyone in chat on Twitch.

Spider Man: No Way Home has already proven to be a massive hit in theaters. It's debuted to be the #2 opening of all time in US cinemas, culminating the Homecoming trilogy for Spider-Man in the MCU. This even beat out Avengers: Infinity War, itself a hotly anticipated title at the time, and even featured Spider-Man as a main character.

As such, it should come as no surprise that people have been talking about it quite a lot on social media. Twitch is no exception to that rule.

As you can see from the above from Streams Charts, mentions of Spider-Man have been on the rise since the beginning of December. On December 5, the hero debuted in Fortnite: Chapter 3, leading to a spike in mentions at 8.5k times.

But then, on December 15 and 16, there became a massive boom in mentions as the movie debuted. While we aren't positive all of these mentions were spoilers, you can't leave it to Twitch chat to not spoil the latest movies. This caused a massive jump from 21k to 178k mentions of the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

This data was also corroborated by Streams Chart's Wordstat service, which showed massive interest the day the movie's trailer debuted.

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