Rosanna made the post on social media.

Rosanna Pansino, one of the creators that MrBeast invited to participate in his Creator Games 3 event, called him out publicly on social media. Rosanna wrote that she placed third in Creator Games 3.

In 2021, MrBeast held The Creator Games. This event featured competitions between content creators and influencers for large prize pools. According to Rosanna's post, MrBeast edited her out of key moments from the Creator Games 3 video to undermine her final finishing position. Creator Games 3 was a high-stakes game of hide and seek held at Sofi Stadium.

Who participated and who won Creator Games 3?

Zach King won The Creator Games 3 (Image via MrBeast on YouTube)
Zach King won The Creator Games 3 (Image via MrBeast on YouTube)

The Creator Games 3 event was a $1 million game of hide and seek played among 15 top creators on YouTube. These included Logan Paul, Bella Poarch, Zhc, Zach King, and Quackity alongside Rosanna and more. In order to make the game more challenging, the participants moved to different hiding spots. According to MrBeast's YouTube video, Zach King won Creator Games 3.

Why is Rosanna Pansino calling out MrBeast?

In a post on social media, Rosanna wrote that MrBeast edited the video and made it look like the top three participants were Logan Paul, Larray and Zach King. She added that while Larray was technically the final creator MrBeast found hiding, he had fallen asleep during the game. This violated the game's rules where creators had to relocate to different hiding spots each time it was announced.

His disqualification meant the final three players were Rosanna, Quackity, and Zach. Rosanna wrote that the final video of the high-stakes game was edited so that it appears Logan Paul finished third in her stead. She also stated that MrBeast edited out "the only female participant in the top 3."

MrBeast has yet to comment on Rosanna's post. It's unclear why Rosanna brought this up over a year later.

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