A Quiplash video by 100T drew the ire of former 100T member Froste, who said it featured a clip that compared him to Bill Cosby.

Most Jackbox games aren't the most PG of things on Steam, and Quiplash is one of the raunchiest. That’s why it’s perhaps not surprising that a 100 Thieves video of team personalities playing the game drew some complaints from former 100T member Froste.

Froste's reaction to the video
Froste's reaction to the video

Froste took to Twitter on the evening of March 3rd to complain about a now-removed video on 100T’s YouTube channel. In the now-deleted post, he complained that his parents had seen the clip that allegedly compared Froste to disgraced comedian Bill Cosby. Cosby has been the subject of a dozen sexual assault cases since 2014.

The clip was of Jackbox Party Pack game Quiplash, a game in which players are sent a prompt to their phone or device, and must answer with a funny or outrageous answer. Quiplash’s prompts are often themselves very provocative and the game overall edges towards dark humour. 

Nadeshot apologies as Froste overreacts to Quiplash?

Nadeshot's apology
Nadeshot's apology

100T CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag reached out to Froste on Twitter and quickly apologised. But many were quick to point out that Froste might have been overreacting.

In the video in question, Quiplash gave two players the prompt: “An unlikely celebrity to become the next President of the United States.” One chose Bill Cosby, the other Froste. Neither player would have known the other's answer. Only that they would need to pick something that would get players to agree and vote for their answer.

Unfortunately this would lead to players suggesting that Froste was less likely to become President than Bill Cosby, which seems to be the point that Froste was annoyed about. However, nothing in the question made a direct comparison between the two.

Regardless, the video has been removed, and 100T have issued their apology. In his apology, Nadeshot stated that the clip should have never made the cut.

Froste’s own controversies.

Froste himself has been at the center of numerous minor controversies. Having been hit with Twitch bans for saying Cracker, and being DMCA’d by Disney during his sub-athon. 

Similarly commenters on Twitter have pointed out that Froste has frequently made off-color jokes. And on his streams he's known for making outrageous jokes. It seems slightly ironic that the streamer would be upset by a mild joke in a Quiplash stream. And perhaps Froste’s deletion of the tweets shows’ he’s aware of the irony.