Azalia Lexi’s allegations paint a damning picture of OTK’s Rich Campbell cover image

Azalia Lexi’s allegations paint a damning picture of OTK’s Rich Campbell

Rich Campbell has been accused of sexual assault by streamer Azalia Lexi, causing him to step down from OTK.

Twitch streamer Azalia Lexi has accused OTK co-founder Rich Campbell of sexually assaulting her in 2021.

Rich Campbell has responded to Lexi's TwitLonger by stepping down from OTK. According to Campbell, OTK requested that he resign and he agreed. Campbell added that he will share his side of the story later in an update.

According to Lexi's TwitLonger, she's had an off-and-on relationship with Campbell for four years. They started a physical relationship in 2019 but it became a "disaster" from there. She said that it seemed like Campbell only saw her as a "sexual object" but would get "love bombed" when she confronted him about her feelings.

In the summer of 2021, Lexi claimed that Campbell lied about having a girlfriend. At that point she decided not to speak with him but he kept calling to apologize. She gave him another chance as friends and he allegedly told her that he would start "working on being a better person." But he soon started his "typical antics."

She turned down seeing him at multiple events, not wanting to have sex with him. But she eventually went to his apartment and they hung out in the movie theater in his building on January 30th of 2021 Lexi accused Campbell of continuously trying to lay on her and she kept telling him she wasn't going to sleep with him. She started to tell him about the "awful way" he treated her but he continued to "deflect," Lexi wrote.

Then Campbell told her that they had to go to his apartment to which she replied that she didn't trust him. But she went him him anyway when he promised her nothing would happen. This is when Lexi claimed that Campbell started to masturbate in front of her and begged her to have sex with him.

"I said no. He continually attempted to take my clothes off. I kept saying no. At the end, and I mean the very end, he rolled me over and put himself inside me and finished, unprotected," Lexi wrote.

After that, Lexi left and never talked to him again. At the end of the TwitLonger, she said people don't have to believe her and won't beg for people to believe the story.

In response, Lexi has dealt with a lot of backlash for coming forward. Due to her having an OnlyFans, many people felt she deserved what had happened or that it was consensual. She responded that she's "exhausted" and even put her Twitter account on private at one point.

Some in the streaming community have reached out to support the streamer, however. Other women have even come forward to accuse Campbell of similar behavior.

OTK has since issued a statement on the Campbell situation, tweeting that the organization "stands firmly against sexual harassment and assault."