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Rich Campbell resigns from OTK following sexual assault allegations cover image

Rich Campbell resigns from OTK following sexual assault allegations


OTK’s co-founder, Rich Campbell has been accused of sexual assault. After a few hours, he resigned from the org.

Rich Campbell, one of the founders of the popular gaming organization, OTK, is facing sexual assault allegations by Twitch streamer, Azalia Lexi. A few hours after the allegations came out, Rich Campbell resigned from OTK.

Azalia Lexi accuses Rich Campbell of assault

On Dec. 16, Azalia Lexi accused Rich Campbell of sexually assaulting her and leaving her on the streets with nowhere to go.
She then posted a more detailed story on Twitlonger regarding the issue. She described their "up-and-down" relationship and mentioned that Rich Campbell had viewed her "as a sexual object" but would gaslight her into thinking otherwise.
She claimed that on Jan. 30, 2022, Rich had sexually harassed and raped her without protection, then sent her out of his apartment in the middle of the night.

Rich Campbell resigns from OTK

Several hours after the sexual allegation, Rich Campbell stated that he will share his side of the story soon. He also resigned from OTK as per the organization's request.
"I have read the statements made against me today. I will share my side of the story, but need some time to collect my thoughts. OTK has requested that I resign from my position, and I have agreed. I will make an update soon."

OTK addresses the situation

In response to the sexual allegations against one of its members, OTK revealed that Rich has resigned from OTK.
"Today we learned of troubling allegations made against one of our founders, Rich Campbell. Rich has resigned from OTK effective immediately. OTK stands firmly against sexual harassment and assault and is committed to upholding its core values."
There are still more questions unanswered and we will update the development of the story on this page.

UPDATE: Asmongold on Rich's situation

One of OTK's founders and most popular streamers, Asmongold, addressed the foul situation. He stated, "I saw a lot of people that were saying that [the allegation] wasn't true, that [Azalia Lexi] was making it up - please do not do that. You are not our fan, you are not on our side. We are on their (the victims') side, that's why Rich is gone. Do not do this."
He proceeded to slam on those who called this heavy situation as "drama".
"This is not drama, this is not getting canceled. These are crimes. I don't want people to go in and call this drama, it's not fucking drama, it's as serious as it gets. I took action as soon as I could and... I don't know, it just fucking sucks."

Not the first serious allegation against an OTK member

OTK (One True King), a streamer collective fielding popular personalities like Asmongold and Emiru has been in the hot seat for months straight.
In October, 2022, Mizkif (now on leave) was accused of covering up a sexual assault and sexually assaulting someone himself. This time around, one of the core members of OTK, Rich Campbell is in the middle of a similar controversy.
Stick around for more updates on this story.
Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee
Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee
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