In 2012, Twitch streamer OddlerPro fell asleep during a 72-hour marathon, spawning the ResidentSleeper emote. Now, he’s back for redemption.

The Twitch streaming platform is responsible for some of the most iconic memes and emotes on the internet. One in particular—ResidentSleeper—has been around for a decade. Occasionally, you might stumble across a Twitch chat with an emote featuring a gentleman quite clearly asleep. Most have seen it, but some might not know the background and the streamer responsible for the legendary moment. 

Ahead of the 72-hour redemption stream for the original ResidentSleeper, here is what you should know about OddlerPro. 

Who is OddlerPro? ResidentSleeper emote explained

Ten years ago, Twitch streamer OddlerPro enjoyed moderate success—primarily as a Resident Evil streamer. He first joined Twitch in October 2009 but streamed on Justin TV beforehand. OddlerPro became synonymous with outrageously long marathon streams, wherein he regularly broadcasted Resident Evil and other games for 24 to 48 hours. 

In September 2012, OddlerPro looked to do the unthinkable: Stream for 72 hours straight without any sleep. In theory, it seemed impossible; how could a person stare at a screen and play video games for three days without stopping? OddlerPro wanted to prove that it was possible. 

The resilient streamer made it 65 hours, 43 minutes, and 24 seconds into the 72-hour broadcast. Unfortunately, a loading screen and untimely pause orchestrated OddlerPro's downfall. At that time, in front of 13,000 viewers, the ResidentSleeper emote was born. 

Around 30 minutes later, OddlerPro sleepwalked to his bed. Then, just past the 72-hour mark, the dazed and confused streamer emerged from his bedroom. Although angry at the outcome, Oddler forever etched himself in internet history. Ten years later, OddlerPro is hoping to avenge the failed attempt. 

72-hour redemption stream to begin September 1st or September 2st

With a bitter taste of defeat in his mouth, OddlerPro announced he would try another 72-hour marathon. Furthermore, he clarified it would be his final such attempt, considering his age and how unhealthy it is to stay up for so long. When asked why he wanted redemption, OddlerPro responded, "I want to win." While he added more Twitch emotes would be nice, he ultimately wants to get the ResidentSleeper monkey off his back. 

The stream goes live at some point on September 1st or September 2nd. OddlerPro does not have a specific time since it depends on when he wakes up. However, you can tune in on either his Twitch or YouTube channel. If Twitch decides to shut him down for violating terms of service, he'll be live streaming on both platforms. 

There are 25 Resident Evil games on the list. Viewers can vote for a game by subscribing to his channel to increase the number beside your chosen game. Last time, it was Resident Evil 2 that spelled the end for OddlerPro. Tomorrow and for 72 consecutive hours, he'll hope to transition from ResidentSleeper to ResidentWinner. 

List of games for 72-hour marathon
List of games for 72-hour marathon

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