Pokimane has launched Myna, a healthy snack brand alongside cofounder Darcey Macken, in response to previous health issues.

Popular Twitch Star Imane "Pokimane" Anys has just announced Myna, a healthy snack food line, reportedly after the creator faced a recent health scare. This move comes as part of an ongoing trend among streamers and internet celebrities launching their own food and snack products. At the product launch, Pokimane spoke about the health issues she developed during the pandemic due to an unhealthy streaming schedule and excessive snacking. Her idea behind Myna is to promote a healthy relationship with snacking for gamers and streamers.

Pokimane's health issues inspired her to launch Myna

"The food I was eating took a toll on my health. I went on a health journey in 2021 and realised there aren't many good food options. If I wanted a good tasting snack, It would be filled with unhealthy stuff. If I found something healthy, it would taste nasty."

-Pokimane in conversation with Doc Louallen, USA Today

Pokimane met Darcey Macken, her Myna cofounder in January and the two discussed a new snack company that would offer options that don't compromise on health nor taste.

The first product is Midnight Minis, a range of cookies

The first Myna product is Midnight Mini, a range of assorted cookies. These cookies use only natural ingredients, with no added preservatives and are a gluten-free alternative to regular cookies. The cookies are available for purchase on the Myna Snacks website.

They're described as "Deep chocolate with velvety white chips and sea salt that are perfect for life's in-between moments." The pricing is also interesting. It begins at $28 for a box of 4 cookie packs. The most expensive option is a box of 12 packs, which costs $84. Of course, there's also a subscription option available. The Myna Snack Club subscription comes with a 10% discount on all available product purchases. As part of the launch promotion, some purchasers have a chance to receive a gift from Pokimane as part of the package.

Pokimane joins growing list of streamers with food brands

Pokimane is the latest streamer to join a growing list of streamers launching their own food or drink brands. Earlier this year in July, Logan Paul and KSI launched Prime, a brand of energy drinks. The brand has faced scrutiny for the health concerns it poses and its quality.

Myna is backed and supported by Connected Ventures, a manufacturing company. While it does claim to be a healthy option, streamers don't exactly have a great track record when it comes to launching food products. However, Pokimane's viewers certainly have plenty of faith in her and appear to trust Myna's claims.

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