G FUEL, the esports energy drink brand has recently signed one of the biggest faces in the industry, launching a brand new Ninja flavour.

Widely known for being the energy drink for gamers, G FUEL has signed popular Fortnite streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins in a multi-year partnership deal. The partnership was announced on GFUEL’s Twitter account, along with the launch of a brand new Ninja flavour called the ‘Hype Sauce’.

Ninja takes over G Fuel’s Twitter account

Before the announcement, Ninja took over G FUEL's Twitter account, changing their whole profile and tweeting a series of humorous tweets. Followers of G FUEL were confused at first, worried that the account was hacked, before reaching the conclusion that it was a marketing move of their collaboration.

They launched Ninja's G FUEL flavour, 'Hype Sauce', described as a raspberry+lemonade infusion drink. To celebrate their partnership, Ninja announced that he was doing a giveaway, a chance for followers to win a PS5, a mini-fridge and a year's supply of GFUEL.

Ninja talks about the partnership on stream

“The way G FUEL gets gamers and our world, and their overall way of doing things just made this a no-brainer,”

Ninja's thoughts on their partnership, in G FUEL’s blog post.

After the announcement, Ninja went live on his channel and talked about how he had always wanted to work with G FUEL. 

“This was a long time coming, you know?” Ninja commented. “I’ve been involved with G FUEL and just really have been drinking their products for a long time, man. Ever since it came out. Like, I was 20/21 drinking the very first incarnation of G FUEL.”

Ninja's stream following the announcement of their partnership.
Ninja's stream following the announcement of their partnership.

A genuine love for the brand

The 30-year-old streamer noted that they never had a 'legitimate partnership' with each other aside from a one-time affiliated code given to him back in 2015. 

“I personally think of them as the gaming drink, if you will, for esports and video games.” Ninja shared his opinion of the energy drink brand. Blue Ice, Snow Cone and Party Punch are his all-time favourite G FUEL flavours, according to him.

He emphasised that he genuinely loves the brand and product, claiming that he will never work with brands that he doesn’t already love.

The partnership doesn’t come as a surprise to Ninja’s audience though, with some fans already noting the changes with his choice of beverage on stream early last month. His new setup was also noticeably bare of any Red Bull branding, leading fans to believe that his previous partnership with them had come to an end.

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself a chance to win a PS5 and join the movement, as they say.

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