Ninja’s heading back to Hollywood, but this time, things are getting spooky in Hotel Transylvania.

According to a new report from Variety, famed streamer and former Halo pro Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has been cast in the upcoming fourth Hotel Transylvania movie, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. He'll be playing a character called "Party Monster," and seems to be at least somewhat modeled off Blevins himself.

Here's the trailer:

Ninja's Hollywood star rising

As of press time, Blevins has around 17 million followers on Twitch. He's been in the limelight recently in Hollywood too - appearing on Fox's reality show The Masked Singer as Ice Cream. He also made a cameo appearance in the recent Free Guy. That film was filled with big names too, starring Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, and Taika Waititi. Pokimane also made an appearance in that film, showing that Hollywood tapping streamers is becoming more of a trend.

While Blevins has been around in esports for ages as a former Halo pro, he gained momentum in the mainstream famously playing Fortnite with Drake, Travis Scott, and JuJu Smith-Schuster on stream. His Twitch stream has fallen off from its peak. However, Ninja seems more than okay with that, preferring to put his attention on projects like this.

What is Hotel Transylvania: Transformania about?

The fourth film in the Hotel Transylvania franchise will see monsters turned into humans and humans becoming monsters after one of Van Helsing's inventions goes haywire. Starring alongside Ninja in Hotel Transylvania 4 are Brian Hull, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade, Keegan Michael-Key, Fran Drescher, Brad Abrell and Asher Blinkoff.

The movie's directed by Derek Drymon and Jennifer Kluska, written by the famous Genndy Tartakovsky, Amos Vernon, and Nunzio Randazzo.

The film will release on Amazon Prime on January 14. To date, Hotel Transylvania as a franchise has grossed more than $1.3 billion on a $245 million budget.

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